3 New Ways For You to Use the Wheel of Life in Relationships!

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The “Wheel of Life” may be ‘old hat’ to many of us, but it’s endlessly flexible. Did you know that the categories we use on the Life Balance Wheel can be used to help make decisions on everything from life partners to new careers? And that a Blank Wheel can be used to help evaluate decisions?

So, with Romance in the Air, Here are Three (3) Ways You Can Use The Wheel of Life in the Relationships Arena: 1. Understanding which Qualities in Another Person Most Positively Impact our Lives

Do you have a client, friend (or yourself!) looking for Read More…

What You Need To Know To Get Your New Team Performing Beautifully!


I first remember learning about Tuckman’s Team & Group Development Model while a management trainee at a large company. I found it fascinating – because I instantly saw that this model applies to ANY groups. It helps with understanding the stages of development a team goes through at work, but it also applies to groups of friends, networking groups, volunteering organizations – in fact it applies anywhere you interact regularly with others in a group setting.

Learning about this model can help you at work AND at home, and it can also help you help your clients – whatever kind Read More…

Get Potential Clients to Choose YOU: Use this Simple Hidden Treasure Concept!

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Many of us (by us I mean coaches and people who want to help others and make a difference) think sales is complicated, hard, a chore or worse – something somehow beneath us that we shouldn’t have to do.

Selling coaching IS challenging. First, people must WANT coaching (something they don’t necessarily understand!) AND they must want to coach with US (someone they don’t know!) Phew! No wonder it can be hard to get clients.

And all around us I see how big (and small) companies manipulate people into buying. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Read More…

The 15 Coaching Questions You Need to Create Your Best Year Ever!

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These 15 Goal-Setting Questions will help you create your best year ever. Set aside 30 minutes, settle in somewhere snug and warm with a cuppa (or glass of wine) and relax. Answer the questions below – and then all you need to do is take action!

First, REFLECT and Take Your Learnings Forwards: What worked WELL for you in 2013? – What do you WANT to keep doing, or do more of, in 2014? – So, what WILL you keep doing, or do more of, in 2014? What did NOT work for you in 2013? – What do you WANT Read More…

For Real Happiness: Focus on Your Feelings, NOT Goals!

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Contrary what we’ve been told, achieving our goals does NOT give us lasting happiness. Working towards and achieving goals is the PURSUIT of happiness. Because eventually the euphoria wears off and then we’re back where we were before. What will give you LASTING happiness is learning to deal confidently with difficult situations, feelings and emotions…

That’s not to say we shouldn’t have goals. Like you, I’m a coach – I LOVE goals! But what’s absolutely critical to our LASTING happiness is not goals, but how we deal with life’s inevitable problems.

Try this: Imagine for a moment that you are Read More…

3 Types of Successes People Rarely Stop to Recognize

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Ben Renshaw in his mini-book, “The Secrets of Happiness” says that, “On average by the age of eighteen we will have been praised and encouraged 30,000 times – and most of this … by the time we are three. By contrast we will have been criticised and discouraged over 250,000 times.” Well, it’s no wonder we’re so focused on what goes wrong!

Not only that but for most of us growing up, our parents and teachers focus on our lowest scores, our mistakes and our failures – so that we can ‘improve’. And then when we make it into the Read More…

Remember to Celebrate YOU! 3 Quick Questions to Ask Yourself

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Hi everyone! A short and (hopefully) sweet post this week as I know you’re busy. I want you to remember to celebrate YOU this December. For many of us it can feel like a treadmill of sending cards, buying & wrapping gifts and parties – so make some time to celebrate YOU.

Like me, you run your own business – and it takes a LOT of time, energy and hard work. You have put your heart and soul into it – helping others to have better, happier lives, careers and businesses.

But it’s so easy to focus on what we Read More…

Our Holiday Gift To You, 499 Inspirational Quotes for Coaches!

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Holiday Thank-You Gift Available NOW with Newsletter Sign-up!

Hi there! Emma-Louise here. I’m so excited for our 5th Annual Holiday Reader Thank-You Gift – I think it’s my favourite holiday gift so far!

We’ve added our “499 Inspirational Quotes for Coaches” Ebook to the newsletter sign-up gifts you get when you sign up for “The Launch Pad”. If you haven’t signed up yet, you might want to sign up here >>

I started The Coaching Tools Company.com in 2009 as a way to supplement my income after I followed my dream and moved to a small island off the coast Read More…

25 Favourite Inspirational Quotes For You To Chew On!


I love inspirational quotes, don’t you? And over the last 10 years I have diligently collected several hundred of them! There is so much wisdom in quotes – and being short and sweet they can be perfect reminders of what we’re working towards and an encouragement that we’re on the right path. And sometimes the right quote at the right time can give us an “Aha!” moment that stays with us for life.

So, when it came to this year’s Annual “Thank-you” gift for our subscribers – I thought giving you a ton of inspirational quotes would make a perfect Read More…

Achieve More: Why You Need Stillness to be Productive!

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Imagine a glass full of water scooped up from a puddle in a field. It’s muddy and swirling around – rather like our daily lives, full of activity and messiness and life! But if you put that glass of water down and let it sit, it clears itself. STILLNESS allows the dirt to settle to the bottom and the water to clear.

Productivity is more than just DOING.

In fact one VITAL thing that many people forget is that we also need STILLNESS.

To be MOST productive we need a few moments, seconds or minutes, where we PAUSE, allow our Read More…