5 Nature Themed Coaching Activity Ideas for the Summer!

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The seasons (cycles of the earth, moon and sun) are deeply rooted in our lives. In summer nature is growing, flowing and blossoming—the fruits are sweet and deliciously juicy. Vegetable gardens are ripe for picking and vacations come not a day too soon!

In the Northern hemisphere, summer is a time when we spend more time outdoors, in nature and/or near water. Flowers bloom, birds, butterflies and all forms of nature abound everywhere. Summer gives us many opportunities to be outdoors in nature, to relax and enjoy leisure time, to stop and notice the beauty around us. It's a time of growth, and as summer progresses, all these things mean we too can blossom or grow.

Summer is also the season of the longest day! Ironically, from here on in, the days get shorter and the nights longer so there is paradox too! All around us is blossoming and growing, even as Autumn/Fall approaches and the hours of light each day reduce.

"Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world." Ada Louise Huxtable

So, here are 5 Nature-Themed Coaching Activity Ideas:

Whether it's for you or your clients, enjoy these activities!

1. Simple "How am I Blossoming?" Inquiry

Head outside! Then:

  1. Simply notice when an animal, creature, plant/flower, rock or beautiful scene draws your attention.
  2. Pause and notice the joy and beauty that is there. What, that you notice, is also true for you?
  3. What other messages are there for you in the beauty you've noticed?
  4. Ask yourself, "How am I blossoming?" and wait patiently for the answer. Be kind to yourself if necessary.
  5. Finally, if it feels right, offer thanks for this experience.

Remember that blossoming is your birthright!

2. Facing Old Issues with New Insights

There is a paradox—that summer also heralds the onset of fall/autumn. With this paradox in mind, and with the confidence and boost we get from the warmth and extra sunshine, leisure time and beauty around us, summer is a great time to face an old issue and gain new insights.

  1. Ask yourself, "What old issue do I feel confident (or want) to face, and gain new insight?"
  2. Go outside for a stroll or a walk and then notice when an animal, creature, plant, rock or scene (beautiful or otherwise!) draws your attention.
  3. Pause and take a moment to consider why you noticed it.
  4. What special qualities do you notice? If what you've noticed was trying to tell you something, what would it be? What new insight can you gain into your old issue - what message is there for you?
  5. Finally, if it feels right, offer thanks for this experience - knowing that more insights may come as your subconscious mind reflects on your experience.

NOTE: If this is the path we think our summer will take, it's important to schedule or plan some time for solitude and reflection in between our personal growth spurts.

3. Forest Bathing

Recently I read about Forest Bathing and realised this is something I have done all my life (sometimes driving my walking companions crazy!). "Wow, listen to that birdsong—isn't it beautiful?", "Oooh look, there's a caterpillar/butterfly/tadpole/blue flower.", "Smell this flower/herb!", "Feel how rough/furry/soft this is!", and occasionally, "Mmmm. Taste this!".

Forest bathing is about being 100% present, about enjoying everything the forest/woods/meadow—nature—has to offer, using all five of our senses! Not going into overdrive (as I sometimes do) and noticing everything, but going slowly, being present, noticing and fully experiencing what is there.

"The hours when the mind is absorbed by beauty are the only hours when we really live."
Robert Jefferies

See our sister site Fierce Kindness for How to Forest Bathe – and Why!

4. Journaling in Nature

Give yourself some solitude somewhere beautiful in nature - it could be in your garden or yard, it could be at the beach or a lake or in the woods. Somewhere you can sit down comfortably, relax and take in the scenery. Take your journal and a pen with you - and answer these questions:

  1. What is becoming clear to me?
  2. What is my focus for the next 3 months?
  3. What threatens my peace?
  4. Where do I need to forgive myself or others?
  5. What do I need to celebrate? Where do I need to acknowledge my growth?

5. A Summer Affirmation:

Are you looking outside of yourself to confirm your personal sense of security and self? Inner prosperity and happiness reside in YOU—in your consciousness and your deep inner wisdom.

Here is an affirmation for the summer: "I am enough. I do enough. I have enough. I am blessed with many gifts and I am grateful. I easily take care of myself and those around me. I am healthy, wealthy and wise in all ways. I attract supportive, loving relationships and joyful situations."

Take it on walks with you. Repeat often.

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  1. Lalitha Brahma

    I always look forward to your article. They are so meaningful and touch my heart and brings out my authenticity.

    Some of my affirmations:

    "My personal connection to Infinite Intelligence is adequate enough to bring me, my family, my clients a large fortune."

    "Money is my friend."

    " I choose to and want to become better and better, by doing better things in a better way to attract better things and events in life."

    • Emma-Louise

      Hi Lalitha! Great to hear from you. Thank-you so much for your kind words - and great affirmations. It gave me a great idea for an article - or social media question around what are OTHER people's affirmations! Glad you like the article and see you around online! Warmly, Emma-Louise

  2. Dominique

    Thank you so much for this! It's perfect for what I'm working on. I am so grateful for all the work you do!

  3. Dawari Cottrell Amadi

    Never thought of reading anything this morning. But looking at your newsletter and piping on some of the article particularly this one, it just reminded me that I have been journaling, but not knowing it, as I don't get to revisit them which this articles have simply made me realised how powerful tóols they are. Thank you so much.

    • Michela Phillips

      So glad you found this article helpful Dawari!
      - Kindly, Michela


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