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Life Coaching Toolkit

The life coaching tools and exercises in this value pack help your clients evaluate where they are, connect with themselves, get stuff done and make positive changes – faster!

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Success Habits Coaching Exercise

1. Daily Success Habits Exercise

This life coaching exercise helps your clients identify 5 new success habits - a simple personal framework around which the day's activities fall into place.

  • Help your client identify habits to take them to the next level in their lives
  • Look at current stressors and priorities and customise habits to suit your client
  • For more energy, better relationships / health / time management or something else...

2. Eat Your Elephant Worksheet!

Do your clients ever feel like they have an elephant on their plate? Help clients deal with overwhelm with this fun tool that breaks a project into bite-sized pieces.

  • Creatively brainstorm actions and next steps using the elephant metaphor
  • Make overwhelming projects fun
  • Great coaching exercise for stress management coaching, seminars and young adults.
Identify Spark Team Coaching Exercise

3. Identify Your Spark Team!

Discover the 'Spark Team' that has your client's back! Inspire clients to invest in supportive, energizing relationships.

  • Fun coaching exercise to create a 'Spark Team' for your clients
  • Identify people who inspire, support and encourage your clients
  • Highlights the power of positive relationships
  • Great energy boost!
Love and Loathe List Life Coaching Exercise

4. Love and Loathe List Exercise

Want to help your client focus in on the things they love and ditch the things they loathe? Bring clarity with this deceptively simple worksheet.

  • Straightforward and VERY effective coaching exercise
  • Help clients see what's bothering them
  • Empowers client to take action and create a life they love
  • Includes questions to review learnings and identify actions.
Get It Done Coaching Exercise Page 1

5. Stop Procrastinating - Get It Done!

Do you have clients who keep procrastinating over a specific task? Use this coaching exercise to explore their motivation, then brainstorm ideas to GET IT DONE!

  • Fun and effective coaching exercise
  • Asks provocative questions to explore necessity of task...
  • Uses our 5 senses to find ways to make the task more fun / enjoyable
  • Wraps up with a call for action and commitment

6. Take Stock and Take Action Worksheet!

What's frustrating your clients? What do they really, really want right now? Raise your client's awareness and take action - FAST.

  • Help your clients take stock of their current situation
  • Identify 3 key learnings and an action for each
  • Great check-in tool and excellent homework or journaling prompts
Get Unstuck Coaching Worksheet

7. Unstick Yourself Now! Worksheet

Have a client who feels stuck and doesn't know what to do next? This coaching exercise brainstorms ideas to empower and move them forwards.

  • Extremely practical coaching exercise
  • Provides a framework for your clients to brainstorm ideas (in any situation)
  • Identify 3 actions to get moving, starting with one action today
Week Planning Tool Form Page

8. Weekly Success Planning Tool

Get clients focused and organized and set them up for success with this week planning tool.

  • Help clients set life priorities for their week ahead
  • Stay in touch with their goals
  • Includes week-in-review section for learning and follow-up

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Life Coaching Tools - User Guide for Toolkit

1. Life Coaching Toolkit - USER GUIDE.pdf

Love your Life Coaching Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and program outline.

  • Use your Life Coaching Toolkit with confidence!
  • Detailed 'how to' for each of the coaching tools, forms, exercises and worksheets in this toolkit
  • Includes a program outline you could follow
  • Shares purpose of tool, how & when to use plus great tips
  • Plus great follow-on reading and tools!
  • Great value package of life coaching tools and exercises!
  • Inspirational, action-oriented forms and templates
  • Set your clients up for success
  • Energise your clients and get things done
  • Great for new and existing clients

This Life Coaching Tools value pack will help your clients have more success - evaluate where they are, understand themselves better - and get stuff done. Make positive changes faster with these action-oriented life coaching tools!

These Life Coaching Tools and Exercises will help your clients:

  • Create Awesome Daily Success Habits!
  • Find New Ways to get things DONE!
  • Eat Their Elephants!
  • Create a "Spark Team" of people who leave your clients feeling great about themselves
  • Take Stock of Where They Are
  • Brainstorm Action Ideas to Get Unstuck
  • Do more of what they LOVE and less of what they LOATHE!
  • Learn to Plan a Successful Week, then reviewing what worked and what didn't!

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