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Small Business Set Coaching Goals Worksheet Page 2

Business Coaching - Coaching Goals Sheet

Stay on track, and get clear on what your clients want to get out of coaching with you! (2 pages)


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  • Be clear on what client wants from the coaching relationship
  • Stay on track during coaching sessions
  • Great basis for measuring achievements, tracking progress and checking in with clients

When working with coaching clients it's important for both coach and client to be clear on what the client wants to achieve from the relationship. And nowhere is this more important than when working with Business clients. This Business Coaching Tool is not about capturing your client's goals - this is about making sure the client is clear on what they want to get out of COACHING with you.

This tool helps you get super-clear on what the client is looking for from coaching and helps you make sure you deliver!

Help your client identify up to 3 key areas that they want to focus on during your business coaching relationship. With this simple but highly effective business coaching tool, you can help clients to identify specific, challenging and achievable goals and how they will know they have succeeded or are on track. An essential tool for any business coaching relationship, it helps to keep your business coaching relationship on track with set goals and outcomes for both client and coach.

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