Spring Summit: Rising Awareness (by Coaches for Coaches)

5th April 2022 to 26th April 2022

The Rising Awareness Summit equips participants with tools, knowledge and education to navigate topics and conversations about racism and related social issues of the past, present, and future.

Summit Topics include:

  • Co-Creating the Relationship to Connect First and Then Coach
  • Healing & Leading with Heart
  • Healing from the Social Construct of Racism
  • Power, Rank, and Privilege
  • The Willingness to talk about Racism
  • Accountability and Activism
  • And More

This year's summit and new sessions will bring together participants from around the world to experience coaching subject matter "sherpas", talking circle sessions that include shared learning via critical thinking and transformational conversations, and resources that will equip every participant for The Preparation and Road to Inclusion, Healing and Belonging Within Relationships.

Who is it for: Professional Coaches, Consultants, Facilitators, Trusted Advisors, and DEI Professionals
Organizer: Rising Awareness
Attendance: Online