* Scalable Coach Summit * Take a Leap Beyond 1-on-1 Coaching and Grow Your Business!

8th May 2023 to 12th May 2023

30+ Coaches Share How They Took a Leap Beyond 1-on-1 and Created a Scalable Coaching Business! *

This Awesome Free Live Summit has 30 experts sharing tips and ideas to grow and scale your coaching business. Hosted by Milana Leshinksy, guests include Emma-Louise Elsey, Cindy Schulson, Michelle Schubnel and many more!

This brand-new 5-day virtual conference will help you take a leap beyond 1-on-1 coaching and grow your business! Taught by highly successful coaches who actually scaled beyond 1-on-1 coaching. This event is the ultimate MASTERCLASS on scaling your coaching business and creating more income, impact, and freedom in your life. The event covers these 5 key areas of scaling your coaching business:

  1. Create Scalable Offers (design revenue streams for maximum growth without burnout, creating profitable mastermind groups, retreats, courses, events, and choosing the right coaching business model).
  2. Grow Your Audience (put yourself in front of ideal clients with virtual events, promotional partners, giveaways, community building strategies and thought leadership).
  3. Group Coaching Essentials (set yourself up for success as you move from 1-to-1 ---> 1-to-many coaching, including naming your program, group coaching models, program design secrets, onboarding process).
  4. Building a Support Team (how to get people to help you scale your coaching business, what your support team should look like, how to use co-coaches or facilitators, certifying and licensing other coaches in your methods and more!)
  5. Systems and Automation (strategies for reducing workload and increasing growth by systematizing key areas of your business, such as enrollment, marketing, program delivery and more).

* We are an affiliate partner for this event. This summit offers knowledge and expertise that's both specific and relevant to coaches, and is free. We only do this for things that help and benefit coaches.

Who is it for: Coaches
Organizer: Milana Leshinsky Founder of CoachingGenie.com
Attendance: Online