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Fiona Walsh began her career in sales, before becoming a Business Coach for a number of years. In fact she was my business coach for many years (and still is occasionally!). She moved to academia for a while before shifting gears to work in the family business.

Please Note: Fiona is no longer actively coaching, but she has given us permission to access some of her straight-shooting articles in her area of expertise: sales and marketing.

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About Fiona

  • Lives in: Canada
  • Type of Coach: Business Coach

Author Bio

I am experienced in building strategic partnerships and high-performance teams in both the non-profit and corporate sectors. With a record for effective leadership and delivery on strategic objectives, I am at my best when tasked to come up with creative, forward-thinking solutions that bring multiple stakeholders together to make an organization better. An excellent communicator and storyteller, I am passionate about helping people and organizations seize opportunities and achieve tangible results.

Her past roles include being the Assistant Dean and Director of the Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre at UBC's (University of British Columbia, Canada) Sauder School of Business. She provided career development and recruitment services for Sauder students and alumni. Her background is in sales and business development in the corporate world. Immediately prior to joining UBC nearly three years ago, she was a Business Coach - and she still has a few select business coaching clients.

Her specialty areas include Donor/Partner Acquisition, Fundraising, Team Building/Leadership, Business Growth, Operations Improvement, Influencer, Community Builder, Marketing Strategy, Global Networks.

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