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Abena is the founder of Positively Flourishing.

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About Abena

  • Lives in: Doha, Qatar (but grew up in the UK)
  • Business Name: Positively Flourishing
  • Type of Coach: DEIB-informed Mental Fitness Coach
  • Professional Accreditations: Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, QTS (UK)

Author Bio

Abena, a seasoned educator with over two decades of experience, seamlessly blends her expertise with her passion for coaching. She's been formally trained as coach in ICF-accredited courses and is actively working toward chartership with the coaching division of the British Psychological Society. With her feet firmly planted in both the academic and coaching arenas, Abena currently serves international school communities, teaching and coaching with a uniquely impactful approach.

As a fervent advocate for inclusion and belonging, Abena specialises in empowering women and underrepresented groups. Her mission is anchored in the simple yet transformative belief that everyone has the capacity to shape their own destiny—many simply need the 'how' demystified for them.

Her coaching programmes, such as 'Positive Psychology for Teens', 'From Exam Stress to Success', and 'Time to Thrive', are testaments to her innovative spirit. These programmes have been lauded for their effectiveness in not only addressing immediate issues but also instilling life-long skills.

What sets Abena apart is her meticulous approach to coaching. She dives deep into the psychological and behavioural intricacies that lead to success. With a robust academic background focused on Coaching Psychology in Education, Abena is also in the pursuit of her doctorate from the University of Bath, UK. This allows her to translate complex psychological theories into actionable strategies for her clients.

Abena's commitment to her craft and her clients is unwavering, informed by her own journey and driven by her belief in the unlimited potential of the human spirit.

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