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We accept submissions of articles of 500-1500 words on subjects which MUST be helpful, informative or inspirational for coaches and people interested in coaching.

We plan our articles 3+ months in advance so if you want to write for a specific theme, please let us know 3-6 months ahead of time, and submit your article 4-6 weeks before the start of the month that corresponds to your theme.

Also on this page: 1) Guidelines/What We're Looking For, 2) Article Writing Tips, 3) Suggested Article Topics and 4) Upcoming Themes.

IMPORTANT - we will NOT consider your article if:

  • It feels like a sales pitch.
  • It is not of interest to coaches or people interested in coaching.
  • You mention your business or include website links within the article: All promotion and links MUST go in your bio/article byline which is included at the end of your article.

PLEASE be aware:

  • ABOUT YOU: We would love for you to include links to your website, social media page or a product you offer - but only in your sign-off.
  • We reserve the right to edit your article title, content and to make formatting changes before publishing.
  • We only contact the authors of successful submissions. If you want to email us and follow up, we will respond.
  • Your article may be a reworked article - but must NOT be exactly the same as another one you have already published.
  • Finally, we recommend you review our Inspiring Article Topic Suggestions/Ideas below.

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GUIDELINES/What We're Looking For:

  • Our style is professional, helpful, lighthearted (mostly) and approachable.
  • Your article should Entertain, Educate or Inspire our readers - or all three! Ask, "Does this article expand the (coach) reader's thinking, give fresh perspectives, solve a problem, inspire, teach or help people achieve their goals?"
  • We love practical articles with useful tips, follow-up actions or questions to ponder. A thoughtful question or point to ponder can be added onto the end of ANY article!
  • Special Note: There is plenty of sales & marketing material available online for coaches already and many people selling systems and techniques to help. If you'd like to write about Sales & Marketing for coaches, make it punchy (challenging or surprising) or give it your unique spin!

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Article Writing TIPS:

  1. THINK CAREFULLY about your TITLE! Write a title that solves a problem or helps coaches achieve their goals. Numbers work well eg. 9 Steps to XXX, 3 Things you Must Know About YYY  See how your title scores here >>  In fact your article title is a good place to start writing from!
  2. Be AUTHENTIC and show your PERSONALITY. There are so many articles online - on every topic imaginable. What makes an article interesting is when it has personality!
  3. PRACTICAL: What can your fellow coaches DO once they have read your article or story? What practical actions/next steps/tips/suggestions/journaling prompts can you leave our readers with? These are good to wrap up with.
  4. INSPIRING: Will our readers feel better/encouraged/not so alone/learn something from reading your article or story?
  5. EDUCATIONAL: Do you have some interesting and useful knowledge or expertise to share? Be sure to tailor your article, so that readers will understand how this thing you're sharing applies to them - and to coaching.
  6. For MAXIMUM REACH: Pitch your article to intermediate coaches (this way it will be useful to everyone from beginners through to experts).
  7. Make it UNIQUE! How can you approach a topic so we learn something new? For example, what new angle can you approach a subject from? How specific will you be? What could we do with this information?

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Suggested Article TOPICS / Ideas:

Here are some recommended topics (that coaches have requested) in our surveys:

  • Articles about The Value and Benefits of Coaching: Something so many of us struggle with...
  • Case Studies: Learning from other people's successes and mistakes. NOTE: If mentioning clients respect confidentiality/be sure you have permission as appropriate. Check ICF Ethics here)
  • New (to us) Coaching Tools, Activities or Exercises! Could be for sessions, groups or workshops.
  • New (to us) Coaching Skills, Models and Techniques
  • Coaching and Life Skills: Motivation and Focus, Building Rapport and Trust, Goal-Setting, Visioning, Dreaming, Values and Beliefs, Emotional intelligence, NLP, Neuroscience
  • Coaching Questions: Great Questions, Questioning Skills and Techniques and How to Have Powerful Conversations.
  • Fulfilling our potential as coaches! Dealing with our fears, limiting beliefs, self-doubt or lack of confidence. How to Maximise our own potential.
  • Making a difference in the world: How to empower others and help our clients grow and prosper.
  • Helping the client have "Aha" moments: How to share OUR message.
  • Better Organization: Systems, How to Get Help eg. a Virtual (or Personal) Assistant
  • Tools to Build your Business: Growing your client base, coaching practice and income. Also how to find clients and convert prospects and enquiries into clients.
  • Marketing and Sales: Niching, enrolling clients, effective marketing, how to find clients and how to convert prospects and enquiries into clients. (NOTE: Be sure your contribution adds something new - an angle, personal story or tips in a way we haven't heard them before).

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Upcoming THEMES:

  • These are "loose" topics - feel free to think broadly/play with the subject!
  • The article MUST BE coach-focused: helping coaches help their coaching clients - or helping the coach themselves.
  • Especially helpful are articles with X number of tips, tools, techniques, ideas, we also love inspiration, how tos, things to avoid – with great examples or stories to back them up.
  • Any time you have a unique angle or perspective or unique wisdom from your experience to share, our coaches love it!
  1. (No spaces left) JANUARY 2016: Goal-setting
  2. (No spaces left) FEBRUARY 2016: Kindness (Relevance of kindness in coaching, at work, in society, kindness to self, unusual angles/uses for/benefits of kindness)
  3. (No spaces left) MARCH 2016: Your Success Stories (Overcoming a challenge or plain old success! Can be with a client or in your business – the main thing is the inspiring story!)
  4. (No spaces left) APRIL 2016: Strengths. (Could be embracing, identifying, growing, benefits of knowing… For ourselves as coaches or our clients!)
  5. MAY 2016: De-Stressing & Life Balance (tips that are unique to strains and stresses for coaches or to help clients)
  6. JUNE 2016: The Heart of Coaching (benefits of coaching/why it works)
  7. JULY 2016: Confidence (tips, tools, techniques, ideas, inspiration etc)
  8. AUGUST 2016: The Inner Critic & Letting Go (Tips, tools, techniques, ideas, inspiration etc)
  9. SEPTEMBER 2016: Back-to-School (eg. Time Management, Refocusing, Motivation, Productivity)
  10. (No spaces left) OCTOBER 2016: Marketing Madness! (helping coaches market themselves/their businesses better)
  11. NOVEMBER 2016: Career Coaching (how to help our clients? Tips, tools, techniques?)
  12. DECEMBER 2016: Celebrate Yourself! (help our coaches celebrate everything they do/who they are/what they’ve achieved!)

Finally, if you know someone who might be interested in reaching over 11,000 coaches by writing for The Coaching Tools, send them the link to this page!