Letting Go Exercise

Letting Go Exercise

Help clients lighten their load and move forward by letting go of energy drains and mind-clogs. (1 pages)


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  • Raise awareness about the impact of not letting go of issues
  • Explore concept of 'secondary gain' - what clients gain by holding on
  • Useful tool to start discussion on forgiveness
  • Uses a story to illustrate the learning

This Letting Go Exercise asks, "What do you need to let go of?" Because all too often we hang onto things that cloud our mind and drain us of energy, preventing us from moving forwards. As well as asking what they need to let go of, this coaching exercise asks a powerful question:"Why are you holding on? What benefits do you get by NOT letting go?"

Using the metaphor of a young monk who fumes for hours after his companion breaks convention to help a lady in distress, this instructive tool raises awareness around how we waste our energy on things we cannot change and will not let go of.

This coaching exercise is also a perfect way to start a discussion around forgiveness – whether of self or others.

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