*UPDATED* Boost Your Self-Confidence with These 7 Easy Tips (Infographic)

Which of these 7 Confidence Tips and Ideas Do You Like Best?

Confidence is something many of us and our clients would like more of - even if it's just in particular situations.

We've updated this infographic to inspire you - and to share. My favourite tip? I like 3) which I paraphrase as "Focus on what I think, trust I know what I'm doing - and stop worrying what others think!"

Boost Your Self-Confidence with These 7 Easy Tips:

How to share this graphic on your social media accounts to jazz up your content:

  • EASY: Ask your fans and followers, "Which Tip most resonates with you?" or "Which Tip is easiest for you to implement?" or "What one action could you take to Boost YOUR Self-Confidence?"
  • MEDIUM: Share the graphic, and include a couple of sentences about your favourite tip - and why!
  • CHALLENGE: Share the graphic, and let your fans and followers know that one of the things coaching is extremely helpful for - is to grow people's confidence. Invite them to a complimentary coaching session with you to find out more!

I'm curious. Of the 7 tips below, which resonates most with you? What one action could you take to Boost YOUR Self-Confidence? Check out the great graphic below to share and enjoy:


Image of Confident Coach Wearing Suit by michaeljung via Shutterstock

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