Why Would Anyone Pay for a Life Coach? | Coach David Frank Gomes Gives an Inspiring Answer!

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Why would anyone pay for a Life Coach? Never be flummoxed by this question again—read the inspiring answer that coach David Frank Gomes gave when he spotted this question on the social media question and answer site Quora.

So, Why Would Anyone Pay For a Life Coach?

How you spend the energy we call money depends on what you value, so I might ask the same question about why anyone would spend money on a TV, as I don't see the value in having one and have lived without one for almost a decade.

If you value exploring your own life and your own mind, if you value understanding how you work and where you get stuck, if you want to clarify what's important to you and gain fresh perspective, and if you want a champion in your life, then you would want to pay for a life coach, the same as you might pay for a personal trainer if you wanted to take your fitness to the next level or pay for a holiday if you wanted relaxation.

For me coaching isn't just about fixing problems, it's an idea, a type of conversation one has with one's self and with the world, and your coach facilitates that conversation. The coaching relationship can last a lifetime, and it only gets richer and deeper with time.

I don't need my coach, but I desire to have that unique relationship in my life and it makes my life much richer deeper and very rewarding on so many levels. It is also helpful to keep me accountable in my daily life to the things I say are important to me.

Steve Jobs had a coach for many years. Eric Schmidt, the executive Chairman of Google for 10 years has a coach. Bill Campbell coached them both.


The great thing about coaching is you can try it out for free. Almost all coaches offer free sample sessions.

Let's start a conversation. Comment below!  How do you describe coaching?
Why WOULD anyone pay for a life coach? How would YOU have answered this question?

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  1. Scott

    Great article and points. I agree with the tv example. I also see no value in it but tremendous value in having my coach.

  2. John Dennis

    Hi Emma-Louise
    Thanks as always for an interesting newsletter and article and the brilliant tools.
    I don't know what it is like on the other side of the pond (I'm in the UK) but over here we are bombarded with articles, emails, tweets and various other publicity from social media, marketing, web designers, PR people, designers, and yes coaches etc.etc. all explaining why it's a great thing for people to pay for their services. Of course that's fine in many ways, they all have their place and if you go down the road of choosing one of them, you need to know why their services are right for you, or in what way they differ from everyone else out there.
    Of course a coach is going to say it's worth paying for their services, so why should we sit up and notice? Far more powerful to have an article from someone with nothing to sell who had experienced some transformational coaching and explaining how and why it worked for them. I'd love to see that.

    • Emma-Louise

      Hi John, I think people are bombarded with emails, tweets, adverts pretty much everywhere in the 'developed' world. And more and more people are teaching how to sell/copywrite/get people's attention. I think this article helps a coach answer this question - for themselves and others. But I agree, an article from a client who has had their life transformed is like the "reviews" on restaurant or accommodation websites, or the "rate" functions on products. A customer experience put out there for others to read. I will ponder on that! I think this is why we should all as coaches have testimonials on our websites too... Thanks for taking the time to comment. Warmly, EL

  3. Karla Amanda Brown

    This is a wonderful piece that demystifies the coaching process, normalizes it, and helps people to evaluate what they value in their lives. Coaching/therapy should definitely be high on the list of services to value with time and money.

  4. william welsh

    This is excellent and thanks to the Author and of course Emma-Louise.
    I once said to a potential client 'how much did you spend on your holiday and that was only for two weeks?' and 'why would you spend so much on a holiday?'.
    I then asked 'and you won't spend a little to change your whole life?'
    The lady became a client and her life has changed dramatically.

    • Emma-Louise

      Hi William! Thanks for your great comment and example. I often say that people spend more time planning their holiday than they do planning their lives. I LOVE turning that into a question about investing in themselves. A holiday lasts 2 weeks, the value from working with a coach - life-changing! Thanks again! Warmly, EL


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