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David Frank Gomes is a coach who loves to challenge the status quo! He came to our attention with a feisty response to a question on Quora—why would anyone pay for a life coach? And then followed this up with an article for us on the myths of coaching.

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About David

  • Lives in: Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Business Name: David Frank Gomes
  • Type of Coach: Life Coach, Mindfulness
  • Professional Accreditations: CPCC

Author Bio

Professional Training: I was professionally trained by Master coaches at the Co-Active Training Institute in California. I have worked with people from around the world, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and even Saudi Arabia. I am a board member, advisor and facilitator of People Before Patients, a movement to re-imagine health care in Canada.

Why I believe in Life Coaching: It is a privilege to be invited into someone’s life, to believe in them, to accompany them on their path for some time, and to genuinely support them. We all carry different pieces inside ourselves, like puzzles, waiting to be solved. It takes no special talent to see what's ugly, numbing, and depressing in our world. But staying aware of what's good, true, and beautiful demands that we open our eyes, minds, and hearts, and keep them open. This is what I help people do.

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