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David Frank Gomes is a coach who loves to challenge the status quo! He came to our attention with a feisty response to a question on Quora—why would anyone pay for a life coach? And then followed this up with an article for us on the myths of coaching.

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About David

  • Lives in: Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Business Name: David Frank Gomes
  • Type of Coach: Life Coach, Mindfulness
  • Professional Accreditations: CPCC

Author Bio

I am professionally trained in the Co-Active Model of Life Coaching from the Co-Active Training Institute in California and I'm an accredited Global Values Professional.

I have been referred to as a practical thinker, a sounding board and the mindfulness guy. I always provide fresh perspectives. I am a self confessed enemy of the status quo and a believer in people's dreams. I never give up on people or good ideas.

As a young man I had become dissatisfied with my life, in spite of what I had achieved and experienced. That unhappiness led me on a search—I knew there had to be something else. I just didn't know what it was or how to find it. They say when the student is ready, the teacher arrives and that was true in my case. I began an earnest study in one of the great wisdom and meditation traditions, and have been traveling on that path for over 30 years.

I think of mindfulness as medicine one can apply to any situation in life to feel happier and more resilient, and that naturally makes you more likely to achieve your goals and dreams.

I am one of the guides and founders of the of the Wisdom Path Program (soul driven leadership and organizations).

I am a brand ambassador and mentor for Huddol, which has been successfully developing digital wellness solutions since 2004.

I was also the founder, creator and curator of Woo Talks, a evening of storytelling and relationship building, which took place at the elegant Sai Woo in Vancouver's Historic Chinatown. We plan to revive it again in 2022.

Perhaps the most important accreditation was from my mom, who liked to point out I seemed to be coaching the moment I came out of her womb.

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