What Do You Need To Believe Right Now to be a Fabulous Coach? By Ruby McGuire


Sometimes as coaches we look like we have it all together, but there are lots of things going on under the surface that we're working on too. In particular when we start out as coaches, many of us struggle to believe in our ability as a coach.

And this impacts many areas of our coaching business: Our discovery calls with clients don't have the same impact, our marketing messages may push people away. Even our coaching sessions may get tainted when we constantly double guess ourselves and that internal voice tells us we're not good enough. You might even start to become invisible because you stop putting yourself out there altogether, and that can seriously impact your business—and your confidence too.

So, are you struggling to believe in your abilities as a coach?

In order to be a successful coach you need to be confident in your abilities. When I was doing my coaching training I remember asking my mentor how long it would take me to become a 'good coach'. What a silly question—I should have known better! What even is a 'good coach'? Good by whose standards? As you can imagine, I didn't get a definitive answer!

Over the years, I have struggled with my own coaching, despite getting great results with clients. Not something I share often, but my closest business friends know that from time to time I've wavered and it's not a great feeling. It usually ends with a pep talk and getting my knuckles wrapped!

Because it doesn't matter how many testimonials you get, how much transformation you get with clients, how many sessions you hold—if you don't believe you're a good enough coach it's going to come across in all that you do.

I've done affirmations, journalling, coaching and mentoring. I've read so many coaching books that I could wallpaper my house and more.  I've even asked other business coach friends if I can coach them to get critiqued.

All of these things can help but ultimately, as we all know, it doesn't matter how many times someone tells you that you're good at what you do, you need to believe it yourself.

Here's how we can begin to believe in ourselves as a coach!

Let's break this down.

1) Ask yourself, "What could you believe right now... in order to be a fabulous coach?"

  • Perhaps that the testimonials your clients have written are actually true.
  • That your clients (including pro-bono clients!) have had great results and you've helped them do that through your coaching.
  • You've had x number of coaching hours working with clients so far, and you get really good at what you practice.
  • You're great at helping your clients view things from different perspectives.
  • You've been through a rigorous coaching programme and have had your knowledge/skills tested to ensure you're ready to go out there and be a coach.

Or maybe you know you're a good coach, but you believe you don't have the skills to run your own business.

2) Again ask yourself the question, "What could you believe right now... about running your own business?"

  • Perhaps that you can build your business one step at a time
  • That all of the skills you need to learn for running your own business are available to you
  • That there are loads of other business owners out there who've learned how to run a business as they go along and so you can too


3) If you had all of those beliefs right now, how different would things be?

I know when I've asked this question in the past of myself, and encouraged my clients to do the same, there is a mindset shift. You can move quickly from a place of lack of confidence, to one of empowerment and motivation. It can also help you to identify what you need to work on.

4) Play the 'Imagine' game

I love playing around with possibility in coaching.

So, imagine that you have all of the skills, knowledge, attributes and behaviours to be a fabulous coach. Start believing right now that you are one already, and gather evidence to prove it. That's when the magic will happen.

So, what do YOU need to believe right now to be a fabulous coach?

Take a moment to think of one thing that you could believe right now to boost your confidence. Then ask yourself the questions:

  1. If you had that belief right now, how different would things be?
  2. Now imagine that you really believe it. How does that feel?

What if you don't feel you have the skills yet to call yourself a coach?

If you don't feel you have the training or skills yet to call yourself a 'good coach', then what could you do to change that?

Maybe it's working with a mentor, perhaps it's reading around your niche area of expertise, maybe it's getting some supervisory coaching. You could then add the belief that you're doing all you can to become a better coach.

So, what makes a 'Good Coach'?

I think this is how I'd answer it now: One that's continuously learning and working on their own limiting beliefs.

Because the more you learn, the more you grow and the better you can help your clients.

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Contributing Author:

Ruby McGuire is a Business & Mindset Queen. She's an Accredited Master Coach & Master Mentor with the IAPC&M, Trainer, Inspirational Speaker and Author of multiple books. She loves helping her clients step up and become leaders (aka Queens) of their businesses. She helps her clients develop their leadership and business skills, create a success mindset and attract dreamy clients. She is a Brit on a mission to live a simpler life without marketing on social media so that she can spend more time in her beautiful Scottish surroundings. You can find her at her pretty online home, over on her podcast show, Rock Your Fabulous Biz, and here where she shares her Mini Guide to Marketing Without Social Media. When she’s not working you’ll find her surrounded by books, making hand-made cards, and enjoying life with her hubby, little dog and chickens (usually with a Whittard Vanilla cappuccino in her hand)!

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  1. Eileen Burns

    Great post Ruby, we are all human, I think sometimes periods of doubt, help us let go of old stuff and catalyst us back with an even bigger perspective to bring into our coaching

    • Emma-Louise

      Thank-you for your comment Eileen. And a great point - doubt can be a powerful tool in our growth! I'm sure Ruby will be glad you enjoyed her post. Warmly, Emma-Louise


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