Comfort Zone Coaching Exercise

Are You Sitting TOO Comfortably? Exercise

Are your clients stuck in their comfort zones? An excellent springboard for your clients to shift and take action! (1 pages)


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  • Assess where your clients are on the 'comfort continuum'
  • Inspire clients to take action and build confidence (or make time to relax!)
  • Life begins at the end of our comfort zone...

Do you have a client who is stuck in their comfort zone? Use this fun comfort zone exercise to help your clients assess where they are on the "comfort continuum" - from extreme discomfort through comfortable to asleep! This tool provides an excellent springboard for your clients to take action - and for you to discuss discomfort being a necessary part of growth - building confidence and feeling alive!

And sometimes our comfort zone is not comfortable at all - rushing around, stressing out and always being 'on the go' doing things. This can be a particularly powerful area to explore for all those "Type A" personalities out there to help them learn to slow down and do less...

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