15 Types of Coaching Products to Create: Great for Back to School, But Use Any Time!

Why should we care about back to school unless we coach parents or children? Well, we've all been to school and September is forever branded in people's minds - it's a fresh start and a new 'school year'. It's a powerful feeling - the end of summer for those of us in the Northern hemisphere - and a time to refocus, knuckle down and get to work.

Even universities, sports centres and community/adult-learning use September as the start of the year - it's indelibly etched into our brains that September is a beginning - and a time to get learning!

So, whatever kind of coach you are, what better time to create and launch a coaching product, program, workshop, teleseminar series or special offer? July and August are often quieter for businesses while everyone is enjoying the holidays - use this time to plan, prepare and create that offering you've been itching to get your teeth into!

And although September is a great time to launch, but you can create these ANY time! So, assuming you have a target market in mind (a specific group of people who are most likely to buy from you), here are 15 different types of coaching products and offerings:

  1. A new 5/7/10 Step Coaching Program - with a special offer attached!
  2. A Workbook
  3. A Training Program
  4. A Teleseminar Series
  5. A Retreat (could be an evening, one-day, weekend or week-long)
  6. Have a Stand at a Trade Show (where your Target Market will be)
  7. A Special Report or Booklet to give away free on your website
  8. Start your Newsletter
  9. Create and launch a Facebook, Linked In or Google+ Page for your business
  10. A Workshop or Bootcamp
  11. A Webinar (can be a video or a simple 'slide' based webinar)
  12. A Keynote Speech
  13. An Audio Program
  14. An eBook
  15. A Group Coaching Program

For each of the coaching products and offerings above, be SPECIFIC with the problem you're solving or the need you're addressing and it will be easier to market and promote your offering.

So, all that's left is for you to set some time aside and ponder what you might create! Or survey your contacts and clients to find out what they need help with!

PS. If you're interested, here is a 5 Step Guide to Planning Your Coaching Offering. It will help you set chunks of time aside and help make sure you allow enough time to get it done!

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