21 Coaching Products to Create, Ready for Back-to-School

Schoolbus for back-to-school coaching projects

September is forever branded in our minds as a fresh start and new 'school year'. It's a powerful feeling—also the end of summer for those of us in the Northern hemisphere—and a great time to refocus, knuckle down and get back to work.

Universities, sports centres and community/adult-learning all use September as the start of their year—it's indelibly etched into our brains that September is a beginning—and a time to get learning!

So, whatever kind of coach you are, what better time to work on, create or launch a coaching product, program, workshop, webinar or special offer?

July and August, often quieter months, are the ideal time to plan, prepare and create that offering you've been thinking about!

Here are 21 different types of coaching products and offering ideas

TOP TIP: for each of the coaching products/offerings below, get really clear and specific on the problem you solve for your clients. Then it'll be easier to create and promote!

  1. Create a new 5/7/10 Step Coaching Program or a Group Coaching Program.
  2.  Workbook (to solve a problem your ideal clients struggle with).
  3. Plan out and start to build a Training Program.
  4. A Webinar or Webinar Series.
  5. Create a Retreat (evening, one-day, weekend or week-long).
  6. Book and plan a Stand at a Trade Show (where your ideal clients will be).
  7. A Special Report or Booklet to give away free on your website.
  8. Write your first article and start your Blog.
  9. Send out your first Newsletter.

    • Already have a Newsletter or Blog? Commit to Sending a Regular Newsletter (monthly/bi-weekly/weekly) and make a plan for what you'll write about for the rest of this year.
  10. Create and launch a Facebook Group.
  11. Plan and hold a Facebook Live or similar live group gathering.
  12. Complete your Instagram, Linkedin or other Social Media Profile.
  13. Create (or buy) a set of Social Media Quote Graphics to share online.
  14. Create a Helpful Infographic that speaks to an issue or common goal that your ideal clients have.
  15. A Workshop or learning 'Bootcamp'.
  16. A Keynote Speech.
  17. Research and plan out your podcast.
  18. Write an eBook (on a topic to help your ideal clients).
  19. Start a fun Monthly "Club" for your audience (eg. achieve your goals, a book club etc).
  20. Plan out a 5 Day Challenge (eg. on Facebook).
  21. Create a survey to learn more about your audience (what they need help with). TIP: Google forms makes it very easy to create a simple survey. Show that you listened and share what you learned with your audience!

Now all that's left is for you to set some time aside and ponder what you might create—or survey your contacts and clients (number 21) to get them to tell you what they need help with.

PS. If you're interested, here is a 5 Step Guide to Planning Your Coaching Offering. It will help you set chunks of time aside and help make sure you allow enough time to get it done!

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