5 Ways to Get More Done by Slowing Down! | By Ruby McGuire 

I used to run my business on an unhealthy concoction of adrenaline (mostly fuelled by caffeine), hustle and long hours.

Maybe you're the same.

It's as if there aren't enough hours in the day. And you think that if you don't get those things off your to-do list, or implement all of those 'blueprints' you've been told you need to be successful, then your business is going to fall apart.

Sadly, there is no 'blueprint' that creates success.

The reality is that growing a business takes time. And running from one thing to the next isn't what will help you become successful. Success comes from a combination of many different factors. And as one of my good friends says, "Being in business is all one big experiment!"

What would happen if you slowed everything down?

Sorry if that just made you spit out your caffeine, laughing at the very idea of slowing things down. I can hear some of you saying:

"Whaaaaat?! How can that strategy help? Have you seen my to-do list?!! I still haven't listened to that podcast, watched that webinar, emailed my list, written any social media posts or downloaded that ebook that's going to turn everything around. I can't slow down! What on earth are you thinking, woman?!"

Well, let me tell you this - The minute I made the decision to slow everything down, business started to shift.

It's a simple strategy, but not necessarily easy...

Here are 5 Ways to Succeed by Slowing Down!

So here are 5 tips that will help you make the transition. Shift from super busy and overwhelmed, to following your own path, enjoying the journey AND building your business.

1. Don't get so involved in social media

The less you expose yourself to social media, the more work you'll get done. Seriously!

Social media can take you down a path of 'another thing I need to do'. And then your ever-growing to-do list extends to yet another sheet of paper.

Limit your exposure to what others are up to, so you're not sent into a panic about going even faster. Avoid those sponsored ads that give you the next solution to your issues.

INSTEAD: The best solution might be to stop procrastinating, and just do the tasks you've already planned out for yourself!

2. Choose things to do that you can complete

I have been reading the book, The Art of Stopping Time by Pedram Shojai. Here he talks about breaking down your projects/work into smaller tasks (which as coaches we all know). BUT the power is in the word 'completion'.

We know that completion gives us the feedback loop of feeling accomplished, confident that we can achieve. So why do we still write down huge goals that we couldn't possibly get done in a few months, never mind a day?

How many times have you written 'Marketing' as a task in your diary? How will you ever know when you've achieved it? Instead get clear on what that means to you and your business. Break 'Marketing' down into individual tasks you can complete.

What I do now, is set myself 3 small tasks that lead to my bigger goals, and while I won't get it all done, I feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. After all, you can always add more things to your to-do list once you get those things done.

By breaking down projects into smaller tasks - and focusing on completion, you won't be rushing through lots of "to dos" getting lost and overwhelmed in non-specific, un-completable activities. And you'll feel better and be more focused when you are actually working.

3. Shift your fear mindset

Often the drive behind all the hustling is that you are scared there won't be enough to go around. There are a lot of coaches out there. So you can often feel like a tiny person shouting into a huge forest wondering if you're even being heard.

We scare ourselves by comparing what we do with what others are doing.

But when you shift your mindset from fear that there isn't enough work to go around, to there being enough work for everybody, you'll realise there's no need for so much push.

I used to be like that. And I'm now really strict with what information I digest. If something I read is 'triggering' me and moving me into fear, I stop following that person. I may delete the email or come offline altogether for bit.

Thinking that you're not enough doesn't serve you.

There will always be someone more successful in business. Rather than feeling jealous, threatened or feeling the need to push even harder, see it instead as motivational.

If they have created something you admire, know that you can too! Just do it at the right pace, so you're not burning yourself out.

4. Create blocks of time to work

It's impressive what you can get done when you have 100% focus. So, consider creating blocks of time to work on specific projects or tasks.

I'm a bit of a bookworm, so sorry if you now end up buying two new books as a result of this post, but this book was a game changer for me: "The One Thing" by Gary Keller.

He says to do one thing at a time, with 100% focus. Remove ALL distractions, and notice how you slow down, yet speed up too. You're lost in the present moment, and because you're so focused you get something completed. This is great news for Tip #2 as well.

5. And if it's all going pear shaped...

Stop! Take a step back.

Some days things just don't go right. On these days, give yourself permission to take a step back, and do something completely different.

I used to be the person that would be working on something, but it wasn't going well, so I'd try something else. When that didn't go well, I'd try something else, with the same outcome. and so on. (It was usually technology related in my case).

These days, if I get to a place of 2 or 3 things not working out, I just walk away from what I'm doing.

I like to joke that it's the Universe giving me a bit of space, the afternoon off if you like. I trust that when I go back to doing what was really frustrating, it will go with ease and flow. And as if by magic it usually does. (And if it doesn't, when it's technology related, I outsource it! Who needs that kind of techie stress, teehee!)

So, create some space where you can regroup, rethink and reprioritise. Taking a break allows your lovely creative brain to kick back in and come up with some wonderful new ideas too. It's a fantastic way to get clarity.

Slowing down might seem counter-intuitive, but it REALLY makes a difference.

Remember that you signed up to this coaching journey for the long-term. So why not ease up on yourself and enjoy it?


Here's a quick recap of the 5 ways to get started with slowing down your journey:

  1. Don't get so involved in Social Media.
  2. Choose things to do that you can complete.
  3. Shift your fear mindset.
  4. Create blocks of time to work.
  5. When things go pear-shaped, take a step back.

If you could choose one area in your business to slow down, what would it be? Share with us in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you.

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