Coach FEATURE: Meet Fran Fisher, MCC

Reading Time: 6 min 30 sec
I continue to enjoy learning more about our fellow coaches, featuring coaches doing great work - and building a coaching community! This month we meet another of our "guest authors". Fran is a pioneer of the...
Ben Dooley Headshot

Coach FEATURE: Meet Ben Dooley, MCC

Reading Time: 8 min
Ben has been writing for us for a few years now, and we share his podcasts monthly too. So, a big thank-you to Ben for sharing more of himself with us for this month's coach feature.
Delaney Tosh Headshot

Coach FEATURE: Meet Delaney Tosh, CPCC, PCC

Reading Time: 7 min
Delaney Tosh, Inspirational Coach behind SquarePeg Leadership! I love featuring our fellow coaches, building community and learning more about people coaching and doing great work! This month we continue...
Kerryn Griffiths Headshot

Coach FEATURE: Meet Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC

Reading Time: 3 min 30 sec
This month we're featuring another of our blog authors, Kerryn Griffiths - as we thought you might like to get to know a few of our writers. A big thank-you to Kerryn for sharing herself with us for this month's coach feature.