Self-Care and Needs Coaching Form

Self-Care Check-in and Needs Review

Do your clients need to take better care of themselves? This coaching exercise helps create awareness of the key to them feeling better! (1 pages)


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"I would recommend ANY of the coaching tools they have helped me in work and in my personal business for years!"

Wanda Walker

President & CEO - Uniquely Yours Consulting & More, LLC

  • Helps clients connect to themselves and their needs
  • Assess their satisfaction over a number of key areas
  • Encourage a concrete commitment to self-care by identifying ONE action to focus on
  • Great as homework and in workshops!

In what areas of their lives do your clients need to take better care of themselves? All too often people don't know the answer - so it's no wonder they're tired and stressed out. Awareness and self-knowledge are the key to feeling better, so get your clients to complete this short, fun coaching exercise to identify their needs and ONE action to focus on and feel better.

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