Are You Scared To Be More Visible In Your Business? | A Client Success Story from Ruby McGuire

In this week's article guest author and fellow coach Ruby McGuire shares an inspiring story about one of her coaching clients, and also gives us some tips as to how we can get more visible and grow our businesses:

Being more visible in your business can be really scary, but the reality is this: If your business isn't visible you potentially have no business.

There are 3 main areas in which you can boost your visibility:

  1. Consistency
  2. Connection
  3. Confidence

In this post I'll be sharing a story with you about one of my lovely coaching clients, Rebecca Boulton, a Nutritionist from Simple and Clean Nutrition. You'll see how she's worked on all 3 of the areas I recommend to be more visible - with great success. We'll also talk about the number one thing that will help you to keep your sanity and energy levels up as you build that visibility in your business.

Rebecca signed up for coaching with me because she wanted to get some accountability and knew it was essential for her to grow her business. She wanted some insights on how best to do it, and also to know whether there were any areas she was missing.

When Rebecca first signed up to work with me she would be the first to tell you that she knew she wasn't being as visible as she

Rebecca Boulton for Ruby Post

Rebecca Boulton - Nutritionist, hard worker and coaching success story.

could be. I think if we all do some soul searching, we too know that there is more we could do, if we could only be brave and fight that resistance about putting ourselves out there.

Like a lot of my clients, Rebecca, would class herself as an introvert. I'm one too, so I know what it's like putting yourself out there. It can be really uncomfortable, but who is going to do it if we don't?

Rebecca said, "As a nutritionist, there are so many other options out there for people to make changes to their health and fitness. It is a really saturated market, and I knew that being visible and communicating my unique message is really important to enable my ideal clients to find me, and know who I am and what I represent."

As coaches, we can all identify with the saturated market scenario. It can be difficult getting our message across. One of the key things I teach is that to really build great businesses you need to figure out who your ideal client is. Get that right and everything becomes much easier.

So, back to Rebecca. She has taken massive action on being more visible in her business using the 3 areas I recommend:

1) Consistency

Consistency is key when you want to boost your visibility. There's no point in just putting something out there and then running and hiding, never to be seen for another few weeks or months. People forget you that way. You need to keep being brave and showing up.

Rebecca now ensures she posts more consistently on social media and emails her list regularly, plus more. She also told me she's started to be more open to collaboration and approaching people she wouldn't have done before, to do articles for her and bonuses for her programmes.

2) Connection

Who could you be collaborating with in your business? Instead of it being something to fear, it can be a fabulous way to connect with someone else, brainstorm/share ideas and promote each other, all the while building your business.

Rebecca had previously done some work with a PR lady and knew what she needed to do, but was resisting actually doing it. She can now proudly say that she's been published several times in her local papers, The Sheffield Star and Telegraph, as well as an article in the Yorkshire Post.

Whether you're working on/offline – getting local press coverage is a great way to boost your visibility.

What Rebecca found useful was that we worked on her mindset and resistance around taking action, as much as the actual action steps needed to raise her visibility. She realised that she wasn't building relationships which is one of the key things that you need to do to grow your business. In her words, "I wasn't doing enough of that because I was shy and kind of hoping people would just come to me when they saw my posts. It also showed me that there are ways to do that without it being really cringeworthy and feeling salesy which I have been particularly concerned about before."

If you take nothing away from this post but this – know this:

Relationship building is the single best way to build your business

When you build relationships, over time that converts to lots of new opportunities, potential new business, and most importantly more fun in your business, as you connect with people and grow and learn together.

3) Confidence

And the number one final thing that Rebecca has changed to keep her sanity and energy levels up as she built that visibility in her business is making sure she takes time out to recharge.

This is something Rebecca works on a lot with her clients but needed a push to do it herself. I encourage this with each and every one of my clients. Building a business takes a lot of time and energy. It's so important to look after you so that you have the energy you need to make it all happen. Energy and self-care really boost our confidence - and help us do those difficult things that need doing.

Rebecca also realised that it doesn't mean you have to go mad by doing a spa day or weekend away, it can just be an hour reading your favourite book or a soak in the bath. She says, "It's amazing how many of your best ideas come at those kind of times when you are focusing on something different."


By being more visible Rebecca has achieved so much. Her main achievements have been becoming the Guest Expert on BBC Radio Sheffield, being featured in the Yorkshire Post, connecting with a Celebrity Personal Trainer who has written an exercise programme as a bonus for one of her programmes, as well as all the articles in her local papers, which is just fabulous.

All because she decided to step up, be brave and focus on being more visible in her business. So here's a quick recap of the 3 top things that will help you to be more visible in your business, like Rebecca has:

  1. Be Consistent – no more hiding away, keep showing up, both on and offline.
  2. Connect - build relationships – the single thing that really is a recipe for success (Yes, it takes time, but it's worth the effort).
  3. Boost your Confidence - by taking care of yourself so that you have the energy to get brave and put yourself out there.

So what about you? Are you ready to stop being invisible? You didn't sign up to running your own business to struggle or stay broke - it's time that you and your fabulous business were seen, both on and offline!

PS. If you want to find out more about Rebecca a good place to start is to get her lovely Hormone Balancing Recipe Guide

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