Find New Friends Tool

Proactive Friend Finder

Have a client that’s moved to a new job or town and feeling a little lonely? Use this tool to help them pro-actively find new friends. (1 pages)


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  • What does your client look for in a friend - and what does your client bring to their friendships?
  • Help your client brainstorm ideas for potential friends and how to meet them
  • Wrap-up with your client by choosing 3 actions to proactively build new friendships

These days, people move all over the world for love, their careers - and sometimes just for adventure! The challenge of course, is that we leave our friends and family behind - which can be lonely.

Building new relationships takes time and effort, but people can be a lot more pro-active in finding new friends than they realise - and that's where this coaching exercise comes in.

This easy and fun tool helps your clients get motivated and into action to build new friendships.

For example it asks questions like:

  • Why is having friends so important right now?
  • What qualities do they look for in their friendships?
  • Who do they already know that could be a potential friend?
  • Where do they get in their own way?

Once your client has completed this coaching exercise, they'll have 3 actions - including one to do right away - to get started pro-actively finding new friends.

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