Expand Your Mind - Cartesian Questions
Cartesian Questions Coaching Exercise Page 2

Expand Your Mind - Cartesian Questions

Help your client make better decisions! Get new perspectives on your clients’ goals and plans. (2 pages)


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  • Get crucial insights into what's behind your client's decisions and choices
  • Discover what inspires and blocks your clients
  • Uncover hidden solutions and resources!

The Cartesian Questions are a set of 4 questions that help your clients get new perspectives and understanding of what inspires and blocks them in making a decision - or seeking a particular goal. Find new solutions and resources, identify secondary gains (the benefits of the client staying just as they are!) as well as other areas where we self-sabotage.

In technical coaching terms, the Cartesian Questions help you explore the ecology of a client's goal or decision, delving beyond the conscious and into the subconscious mind to explore underlying thoughts and beliefs related to their goal. You can also use the answers to the questions to identify and explore values. This coaching exercise frames and asks the questions on page 1, and on page 2 asks questions to capture what the client has learned as well as ask what action they'll take to move themselves forwards.

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Great for business too: The Cartesian Co-ordinate questions are ideal to help with critical thinking and considering all possible options around a decision or goal!

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