Small Business Coaching Annual Goal-Setting Template

Business Coaching - Business Goals YEAR-at-a-Glance

Summarises your client’s top 10 goals for the year on a one-page tracking sheet. (1 pages)


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  • Creates a great overview of a client's annual goals
  • Prioritise goals and set a range of success measures
  • Identify key goal benefit for added focus
  • Follows neatly on from Annual Business Goal Planner Worksheet

Help your clients focus in on their key business goals for the year with this important business coaching tool. This exercise gets your clients to identify their top 10 goals for the year and assign specific outcomes and benefits for each goal.

With this business coaching exercise your clients will have an easy way to refer to their most important goals and the actions they need to put in place to accomplish them. It also gets clients to set concrete dates so they're accountable and can measure their progress to reaching their business goals! Get your clients to drill down even further with the Business Goals Quarterly At a Glance business coaching tool to help them focus even more!

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