Small Business Coaching Boost Your Strengths Tool

Business Coaching - Boost Your PERSONAL Strengths

Help your clients make a bigger difference in their business and life with this empowering strengths-based coaching exercise! (1 pages)


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"Thanks to the Coaching Tools Company for saving me lots of time! I have purchased a variety of coaching tools which I then customise for each of my clients. My clients appreciate the benefit of unique personalised tools to stimulate thought and encourage action. I find it incredibly valuable having templates to work from. It has saved me much time and energy and has inspired my own creative efforts."

Allison Wolf

Certified Executive Coach - Shift Works Strategic

  • Help your client be EVEN more successful
  • Brainstorm ideas to boost your clients 3 favourite strengths to a new level
  • Use to improve business or life
  • Works well after Personal SWOT Tool

Help your business coaching clients really shine with this simple strength-boosting business coaching tool.

Many developed cultures focus on improving weaknesses rather than strengths, even though studies show that developing our strengths would actually give us far greater improvements.

This business coaching exercise asks your clients to look at their favourite strengths and find ways to boost them in their lives!

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