Coach FEATURE: Meet Deni Carruth of MasterWellness!

Deni Carruth, in her role as Wellness Coach

This new type of article is where we feature one of our readers. There are so many wonderful coaches out there - doing great work! We want to build community and learn more about people out there who are coaching! A big thank-you to Deni for agreeing to be our first coach feature! 🙂

About Deni Carruth, CPFS, CPT, CES, BCS

From: Texas, USA

Business name: MasterWellness

Describe your coaching business in one sentence: I am a lifestyle coach for women experiencing deprivation in different areas of their life, and I help them create a lifestyle that is strong, healthy and fun.

Meet Deni:

QUESTION 1: What's the last book you read?

Admittedly, I am not the best at completing books. I mean, they have to be REALLY good and either challenge me, or dig into my passions. But the last one was "Less than Dead" by Tim Downs.

QUESTION 2: Which website do you visit the most?

Don't laugh.

QUESTION 3: Whom do you admire most?

I really admire one of my pastors at church. She is our multi-campus pastor over our women's ministry, a breast cancer survivor, author, speaker, teacher, and great example of vulnerability, truth and faith.

QUESTION 4: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well, I should be in "retirement" but retirement to me  is just doing what I do... in a more relaxed way! Because it's who I am 🙂  So that would be a "full" coaching practice, speaking gigs that continue to build people, and holding retreats twice a year. And of course more time to enjoy my family - even more!

QUESTION 5: What is your "Big Project" at the moment?

I’m so excited about my newest project. This year I launched 12 month programs (3 levels), and next month (February) I officially launch my new nutrition coaching program! I've kept my distance with nutrition because people just do NOT want to make long-term changes in their eating habits. But I'm so fed up with hearing about this diet then that one, this band wagon and that surgery. Well I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I got the education and tools I needed to help people do it the right way - for them personally. What I've discovered is that if I can give people insights into their habits, then we can apply Simple Step Solutions (my new theme!) to create new ones for a lifetime, BAM! They have a new lifestyle that they can live without deprivation or poor health. AND because of the mindset shifts that take place, this flows into other areas of their life! Way cool!

QUESTION 6: What has been your favourite coaching moment so far?

With which client? LOL No really! I have these moments all the time. I'll share my most recent - yesterday actually. All of my clients have access to an online log where they can journal, share victories, ask questions etc. I see everything, and can respond if they like, or if I need to. One particular client's husband (and she said I could share this) has an interview coming up They requested a proposal, and in his reviewing it before submission, he asked my client to take a look at it.

This is what she shared: "I helped him change up some of his sentences to communicate how he can help this company become more 'efficient and effective' 🙂 I told him, 'You can thank Deni for that!' Long story, and it aligned really well with the proposal they were requesting. I share with you because I want you to know how far reaching your coaching is, at least for me! Not only are you helping ME, it is a domino effect - affecting my family, and even into my husband's job. Very exciting! And a testimonial!"

THAT is a coaching moment for sure!

QUESTION 7: What is your favourite coaching tool?

I love strengths-based living, therefore I love to do strengths-based coaching. All of my coaching clients must complete the StrengthsFinder assessment. I'm trained with that tool and I love it! My clients love it. I've learned to combine it with one or more of the Coaching Tools Company’s tools: Life Satisfaction Score Card, Action Brainstorming Sheet or even the Cognitive Distortions.

QUESTION 8: What do you love most about being a coach?

Ahh… What I love most is those moments like the one I shared earlier. Those little things that people notice. For instance another client, at the end of her last session said, in reference to something specific we've been working on,  " feels more organic." And when I asked her to attach an emotion to that, she responded with, "Peace."

THAT's what I love most. The emotions clients feel when they have a breakthrough. That's what brings me JOY through coaching.

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