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You told us you'd like a Ready-to-use Coaching Programme! Well, now we'd like YOUR help to name this programme and check we didn't miss anything!

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This Transformational Life Coaching Programme Helps:

  • New and existing clients review and get a fresh outlook on their lives
  • Envision and set inspiring goals for the next 3 months
  • Review what they've learned and take action!

Hit the ground running (for just $99) with:

1) 11 x Awesome Coaching Tools, Forms & Exercises

2) A Step-by-Step User Guide (how & when to use the tools)


3) A Marketing Bundle to Promote Your Programme:

  • Printable Promotional Poster
  • Engaging Programme Graphic to use on Social Media
  • Marketing copy
  • List of ready-to-go Social Media posts


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The Coaching Tools included are:

  1. Take Stock and Take Action!
  2. Set Your Coaching Goals!
  3. What Makes Your Heart Sing?
  4. Identify Your Energy Zappers?
  5. Letting Go Exercise
  6. Detox Your Toxic Relationships!
  7. 3 Month Visioning
  8. 3 Month Goals Worksheet & Get started!
  9. Daily Success Habits Exercise
  10. Identify Your Spark Team!
  11. Learnings Summary Sheet

Help us Name This Life Coaching Programme & Tell us What You Think!!

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  1. Pamela Muldoon

    This program to be looks very comprehensive...all in one package of a fresh start!

    • Emma-Louise

      Thanks Pamela! We wanted to include a lot for a low price point (so that we really feel that it's fabulous value for money!). We will review all the input to see if we missed anything - AND I really appreciate your comment. That is super-helpful 🙂 Warmly, Emma-Louise.


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