2015 Article Writing Contest: Looking for Writers!

Woman-Glasses-Book-cropThank-you for our interest. We're sorry but the writing contest is now closed!

However, if you're interested in submitting an article, we will shortly have a page where you can do just that. Sign-up for our newsletter to hear more about it, or check back as we'll also put a link here!

Do you like writing? Would you like to get your name out to over 10,000 coaches?

Well, we're celebrating our milestone of 10,000 newsletter readers, and over 200 coaching-related articles on The Coaching Tools Company blog for coaches, by having a writing competition!

The Winner Will:

  1. Choice-MedleyHave their article featured on The Coaching Tools Company blog, in The Launch Pad weekly newsletter AND on social media! Plus the winner will have the opportunity of a regular writing slot.
    Note: Yes! You can include links to your offer/website/social media in your bio.
  2. At My Best Strengths CardsReceive a Choice Magazine Subscription (a quarterly colour, printed coaching magazine!)
  3. Get 3 Great Card Decks from The Coaching Toys Store (a separate business to us - but sister business in spirit!) Road to Resilience Values Deck, Strengths Cards and the Q Basics Open Ended Questions Deck.
  4. Choose a Coaching Toolkit of your choice from us here at The Coaching Tools Company.com
  5. reciprocoach logoGet your choice of a "Starter" or "Practice" Membership at ReciproCoach (which includes reciprocal coaching and/or mentoring to participate in!).
  6. Receive the Life Source Writing eBook - a Reflective Journaling Practice for Self-Discovery, Self-Care, Wellness and Creativity - from Creative Wellness.

Two (2) Runners Up Will:

  1. BUSINESS-Coaching-Tools-Pack-SMALL2Have their article featured on The Coaching Tools Company blog.
  2. Receive a Coaching Toolkit of their choice from The Coaching Tools Company.com
  3. Receive the Life Source Writing eBook - a Reflective Journaling Practice for Self-Discovery, Self-Care, Wellness and Creativity - from Creative Wellness.

In addition, selected entrants may also be offered the opportunity to write for The Launch Pad blog/newsletter.

Rules & How to Enter:

  • Submission Deadline: Midnight Tuesday 30th June.
  • Write your 500 word article on a subject of interest to coaches.
    • All promotion goes in your article bio. Any articles that mention their business or have website links within the article will be automatically disqualified.
    • Your article may be a reworked article - but must NOT be exactly the same as another one you have already published.
  • Guidelines/What we're looking for:
    • Remember that our style is helpful, friendly and approachable.
    • Your article should Entertain, Educate or Inspire our readers (or all three!).
    • Be PRACTICAL eg. give useful tips, suggest follow-up actions or leave the reader with questions or points to ponder.
    • We recommend you review our Inspiring Article Topic Suggestions/Ideas below.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to give feedback on individual entries.

Enter Writing Competition Here >>

How We Pick the Winner:

  • Our team at The Coaching Tools Company will narrow the articles down to a Top 3.
  • Then we'll ask our newsletter readers, fans and followers to choose their favourite!
  • We will notify the winner/s by email, as well as announce it in the newsletter!

Article Topic Suggestions / Ideas:

Remember you're writing FOR coaches.  Ask yourself, "Does this article expand the (coach) reader's thinking, give fresh perspectives, solve a problem, inspire, teach, help us achieve our goals or entertain us?"

Here are some recommended topics (that coaches have requested) in our surveys:

  • Articles about The Value and Benefits of Coaching! Something so many of us struggle with...
  • Case Studies: Learning from other people's successes and mistakes. NOTE: If mentioning clients respect confidentiality/be sure you have permission as appropriate. Check ICF Ethics here)
  • New Coaching Tools, Activities or Exercises! Could be for sessions, groups or workshops!
  • New Coaching Skills, Models and Techniques
  • Coaching and Life Skills: Motivation and Focus, Building Rapport and Trust, Goal-Setting, Visioning, Dreaming, Values and Beliefs, Emotional intelligence, NLP, Neuroscience
  • Coaching Questions: Great Questions, Questioning Skills and Techniques and How to Have Powerful Conversations.
  • Fulfilling our potential as coaches! Dealing with our fears, limiting beliefs, self-doubt or lack of confidence! How to Maximise our own potential!
  • Making a difference in the world: How to empower others and help our clients grow and prosper! Helping the client have "Aha" moments! How to share OUR message!
  • Better Organization - Systems, How to Get Help eg. a Virtual (or Personal) Assistant

We are often asked about the last two topics below - HOWEVER - there is a lot of information out there on these subjects, and many people selling systems and techniques to help coaches. Please be sure your contribution adds something new - an angle, personal story or tips - in a way we haven't heard them before:

  • Tools to Build your Business - growing your client base, coaching practice and income. Also how to find clients and convert prospects and enquiries into clients.
  • Marketing and Sales - niching, enrolling clients, effective marketing, how to find clients and how to convert prospects and enquiries into clients.

Enter Writing Competition Here >>

Article Writing Tips:

  • Pad of Paper & Pen on a wood background.THINK CAREFULLY about your TITLE! Write a title that solves a problem or helps coaches achieve their goals. Numbers work well eg. 9 Steps to XXX, 3 Things you Must Know About YYY  See how your title scores here >>  In fact your article title is a good place to start writing from!
  • PRACTICAL: What can your fellow coaches DO once they have read your article or story? What practical actions/next steps/tips/suggestions/journaling prompts can you leave our readers with? These are good to wrap up with.
  • INSPIRING: Will our readers feel better/encouraged/not so alone/learn something from reading your article or story?
  • PITCH your article to intermediate coaches (this way we cover everyone from our beginners through to experts), although all well-written articles are considered!
  • Make it UNIQUE! How can you approach a topic with your own angle so that we learn something new?
  • Be AUTHENTIC and show your PERSONALITY. There are so many articles online - on every topic imaginable. What makes an article interesting is when it has personality!

Finally, if you know someone who might be interested in entering or writing for The Coaching Tools Company.com, send them to this page - or share it using the buttons below.

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  1. Lynda Monk

    Hi Emma, this is a great competition and I LOVE your prizes. I will share this far and wide. Thanks for all the amazing writing YOU do on your blog, in your newsletter and in your terrific tools themselves. You always educate, entertain and inspire. Good luck with this competition! Warmly, Lynda

    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Lynda,

      Thank-you SO much for your kind words! And for passing this onto anyone who might be interested! Warmly, Emma-Louise

  2. Glenn Turner

    How flexible is the 500 word limit? I'm not talking less than 500.


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