What does it REALLY take to Grow a Successful Coaching Business? 10 Lessons Webinar with Emma-Louise!

In this first of a 4 Free Webinar series we're putting together at The Coaching Tools Company, Emma-Louise is presenting (an updated!) version of the webinar she led as as outgoing co-leader of the ICF Life Coaching Community of Practice.

This 90 minute presentation is completely FREE - and includes a 55 minute webinar with 30 minutes of no holds barred question-time!

In this webinar, Emma-Louise Elsey will share her story and coaching career evolution over the last 15 years, talk about the hero's journey, why building a coaching business is so challenging as well as sharing the Top 10 Lessons she's learned about what it really takes to build a successful coaching business.

Additional time has been allowed for questions. And YES! A recording will be available if you register for the webinar.

10 Biggest Lessons Handout

Handout & Exercises Included

TOPIC: What does it REALLY take to Grow a Successful Coaching Business?

During this session, we'll explore:

  1. Why building a Coaching Business is so hard!
  2. The Hero's Journey (a journey we're all on in our coaching biz!), and share her story - what led her to where she is today.
  3. Ten Lessons she's identified as necessary to grow a successful coaching business.
  • There will also be an exercise and handout afterwards to help solidify the learning.

In this 3 part presentation, Emma-Louise will first discuss why building a Coaching Business is particularly challenging. Then she'll talk about The Hero’s Journey (a journey every coach is on) and share her coaching journey and evolution to get where she is today. Lastly, she will share the 10 Lessons she's identified as necessary to grow a successful coaching business. And while she shares some hard truths, the goal of this session is to offer inspiration and motivation as you grow your coaching business.

Webinar Date & Time

DATE: Thursday March 26 (2020)

  • TIME: 9.30am PST/12.30pm EST/4.30pm GMT
  • LENGTH: 90 minutes (55 mins presentation, 30 mins questions)

Register here to attend this Webinar (& get the recording too) >>

Please note - this webinar is limited to 500 LIVE participants, so be sure to register (that way you'll get the recording) - and show up promptly if you'd like to listen live!

About the Presenter

Emma-Louise Elsey HeadshotEmma-Louise Elsey is a professional life coach, NLP practitioner and founder of The Coaching Tools Company. She's a passionate leader, writer and entrepreneur in the coaching field: If you love coaching, you'll love her blog and over 100 professional Coaching Tools, Forms and Exercises at The Coaching Tools Company.com. Her goal? To increase the impact of coaching around the world - by providing inspiration, exercises and resources that save you time, energy, build your confidence AND grow your clients! Her next journey is to grow Fierce Kindness - a personal development website to help others be truly happy in life and make a difference in the world!

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  1. kenn

    5am here for me, so if if you see me there, I may have had a bad sleep 😉
    Looking forward to the recording.

  2. Maika Endo

    I have been following you and I'm so thankful for all the tools you provide to us, coaches. It's a time saver and makes our work so much easier. Thank you!

  3. Artemiss

    so very grateful for the deep generosity and high quality of your offerings.


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