Parrot against a blue sky for Henley Coaching Conference

Henley Coaching Conference (2022)

14th October 2022 to 14th October 2022

The Henley Coaching Research Study (2021) revealed an increasing shift towards team coaching, online coaching, greater international/cross-border coaching and concern for the environment. So the 2022 Henley Coaching Conference explores these future trends in coaching. And the conference theme is Coaching the System: Leaders, Teams, Organizations and the Environment.

By looking at the multiple systems coaches work within, we'll explore coaching the team, coaching across the organization and coaching to benefit the wider world. Answering questions like: What does it mean to be a team coach? How can you leverage your knowledge to serve the organization's stakeholders, not just the client in front of you? How can you deliver a ripple of benefits for the network, not just for the team? What are the new rules of the game for systemic coaching?

In this this digital event, we hope to provide some answers, as well as pose some new questions, supporting you to be the best coach you can be through sharing the latest thinking and research from leading experts from across the world.

Who is it for: Coaches
Organizer: Henley Business School
Attendance: Online