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Steve Mitten is a Business, Life, Executive Coach—and Mentor. I met him when I was just starting out in 2005, when he was the President of the ICF (International Coach Federation). His time in the coaching world has been to both raise the standards of coaching and help coaches be more successful with their businesses. He writes short thought-provoking articles, and in particular I love his take on marketing for coaches.

Please Note: Steve has now transitioned into retirement.

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About Steve

  • Lives in: BC, Canada
  • Business Name: ACoach4U
  • Type of Coach: Business Life and Leadership Development Coach
  • Professional Accreditations: B.ApSc. (Business Coaching), CPCC, MCC

Author Bio

I'm Coach Steve Mitten CPCC, MCC. I'm an experienced Master Certified, (Business Life and Executive) Coach & Mentor. I have been coaching for a long time. It's my calling. And I've had the honour of working with over a thousand great people all over the world, helping them move forward in their lives and careers and achieve some amazing things.

To my life coaching practice, I bring compassion, optimism, integrity, creativity, intuition, practicality, all my coaching and business skills, and a lifetime of experience. Over the years I've been; an entrepreneur (5 start-ups, 2 IPOs), President, Managing Director, V-P Marketing, engineer, tree farmer, angel investor, dad, husband, writer, yogi, amateur musician, health and fitness enthusiast, and 30 students of some of the world's great spiritual traditions. Looking back now, it seems all my life experiences were important, and in some way led me to coaching. They also allow me to better support and assist my clients.

I'm very grateful for the opportunities and experiences I've had. It hasn't always been easy, but in my years in business I ended up achieving far more than I thought was possible when I started out.

In business and executive coaching, I now do what I truly love. And I really enjoy seeing clients get inspired to do more than they thought possible. I have a very busy practice, usually working with over 30 clients, who come to coaching with a diversity of personal and professional interests.

I actively support the growth and raising of standards in the young profession of coaching. Over the years I have worked hard to establish higher standards of training, credentialing and ethics within the coaching community. I spent 3 years on the Board of the International Coach Federation, serving as the 2005 ICF President.

Personally, I've been married to my high-school sweetie, Laurie, for over 30 years, and she is still the person I most want to share my life with. Together we are the proud parents of three delightful young women. And I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world with family, friends and a community that is very important to me.

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