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Shawna is passionate about mindfulness was generous and brave enough to share an early coaching experience that shaped her. In her article for us, she shows us how we can use "Beginner's mind" to be a more effective coach.

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About Shawna

  • Lives in: Edmonton, Canada
  • Business Name: Shawna Campbell Life Coaching
  • Type of Coach: Life & Couples Coach

Author Bio

In 2007 I graduated from Coach University and began a career as a Life Coach. Adding to a diploma in Holistic Health Therapy and multiple certificates including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Enhanced Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) and Touch for Health, I continue to add to my skills, in order to be on the forefront of the coaching and human potential movement. I'm thrilled to share my passion and knowledge, and I'm honoured to coach clients, watching them improve every facet of their lives.

As a kid, I loved Nancy Drew, a talented teenage detective, who was always solving some great mystery. Along with wanting to be a rock star, a scientist and a wildlife photographer, I was convinced, that I too could have great adventures like Nancy Drew.

What I did instead, was put my sleuthing talents to work by learning about the mysteries of people; our brains and our bodies. My reading, by age ten, turned to Psychology, health, philosophy, and every manner of self-development book possible. I wanted to understand myself, and others, and how we operate in this world.

I've always been curious about this whole journey of life; from being alive, to how to live, fully alive. Fast forward to today and I'm living my own detective adventure: helping my clients figure out what would bring them the most joy. We read the clues and solve what's getting in the way, and then design a plan to live fully alive, On Purpose.

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