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Delaney Tosh is a Confidence and Leadership Coach with a passion for helping women succeed in the workplace and in business. She writes thought-provoking and inspiring articles that challenge us to be better coaches—and leaders. She began writing for The Coaching Tools Company in early 2017, is extremely well read and brings a wealth of personal and professional experience, as well as citing helpful academic research as needed.

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About Delaney

  • Lives in: Canada
  • Business Name: SquarePeg Leadership
  • Type of Coach: Leadership Coach
  • Professional Accreditations: CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with CTI), PCC (Professional Certified Coach with ICF)

Author Bio

Delaney Tosh, CPCC, PCC coaches women who want to radiate with confidence and thrive as leaders. She helps her clients navigate the hurdles unique to women in leadership and also delivers the Resilience at Work® Toolkit and Resilience at Work® Leader Scale, helping leaders and teams create optimal performance through resilience. She is co-creator of the Phoenix-Hearted Woman retreats and webinars, designed to help women build resilience and strengthen their foundation for being heard and making a difference in the world.

Delaney's sixteen plus years experience coaching leaders, leadership teams and business owners on confidence, leadership development, strategic planning, business development and team productivity has made one thing clear to her–that women continue to come under intense pressure and scrutiny when they take the lead. Frustrated by witnessing brilliant women playing down their differences to fit in, playing small or not stepping wholly into their authentic power, Delaney has evolved her work to focus solely on coaching women who wish to lead from their whole selves with the confidence and savvy to navigate the challenges they face.

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What fuels Delaney’s passion as a coach is her belief that women bring something integrally different to leadership when they lead like women lead. She envisions a world fundamentally changed by the contributions, voices and full participation of women who are living and leading by their own rules.

Delaney loves to expand her knowledge, particularly with evidence-based information such as applied neuroscience, and her aim is to distill the research into actionable resources for her clients and colleagues. This is why she is delighted to continue to be a guest author here on The Coaching Tools Company.

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