Emma-Louise Elsey

Welcome and thanks for clicking over.

It's fun to communicate in "tweets" or short messages, but it can be hard to really get to know someone.

So, I created this page to tell you a little more about me, who I am, what I do and how to stay connected.

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What I do:

I'm a lifecoach who loves helping people find happiness and live an authentic, meaningful life.

Started in 2004, everything I do sits under Simplicity Life Coaching Ltd.

I'm definitely on my own spiritual journey and I've learned a lot along the way - both from my clients and life experiences, and these inform my writing - and the exercises and tools I love to create!


Resources and Services:

For Everyone

For Coaches and Therapists


Where to find me:



My hubbie and I moved to our dream home - a cottage with a small acreage on Salt Spring Island (in between Vancouver and Vancouver Island). We share this little plot of land with plenty of wildlife and a naughty dog. In the spring of 2011, we finished building a 2 bedroom cottage as a B&B and in the fall of 2015 completed our final big building project - a garage with an office and games room over the top. A lifelong dream of owning a pool table was completed in early 2016!

For fun I hike and walk the dog, spend time working in my garden - growing fruit and vegetables and making my backyard beautiful and wildlife friendly. I also love to write, cook for friends, take photographs and bumping into people I know around town (the joy of island life!)

  • Cosy Woodpecker Cottage is our B&B for people who want to explore Salt Spring or escape the city. Interested? Check out our 2 bedroom cottage/vacation accommodation (we built it ourselves!).
  • And if you want to know more about Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, check out SaltSpringMarket.com (we took over this website in 2013 to share the beauty of Salt Spring and encourage people to both visit and move here!)


Who I Am:

A quick summary: Although I grew up in the countryside, I'm an ex-city slicker from London, England who trained to be a life-coach in 2003/4, then left it all behind (apart from the husband and cats!) and moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2004. Just 4 years after the move to Vancouver in 2008, we added a dog to the family and moved again - this time to Salt Spring Island!

Now, I'm following my passions to:

  1. Use my writing to inspire others.
  2. Create coaching exercises and tools to get people thinking!
  3. Live the "Island Life" and share it with others through our B&B "Cosy Woodpecker Cottage". We grow our own food, make jam, wine and generally enjoy living in a small community and spending time in nature.

Here's a little pic of my dog (Dexter). Like him, I'm also known for my curiosity, perspective, courage and optimism. I also like to be cheeky sometimes...