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Enjoy your business and feel good about selling!

We all want to serve clients, not sell coaching. But you can't do one without the other, right? Well. Maybe...

Most of us don't enjoy selling—especially ourselves. And many coaches struggle with how to set their fees, finding it challenging to set-up and grow their businesses.

In this masterclass, Dermot shares a different way to approach selling, how to ask our potential clients to sign-up with us—with confidence. And more...

Masterclass Date & Time:

  • DATE: Tuesday, September 13, 2022
  • TIME: 9:30am Pacific / 12:30pm Eastern / 4:30pm GMT
  • LENGTH: 90 minutes (includes questions and short promo at end)

Join us and learn new techniques to grow your business and get more clients!

Dermot Butterly

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In this 90 minute session Dermot will take you through 3 key challenges that coaches face around building their business and getting clients, and with his signature wit and charm will help you move through these common coaching challenges with ease and confidence!

Masterclass: 3 Big Challenges Coaches have Growing their Businesses—and What to do Differently

In this Webinar you'll discover:

  1. An easier way to get clients!
  2. How to set your fee—and feel confident asking for it.
  3. The crucial shift you need to make in your coaching practice.

This class is 90 minutes. Questions can be asked via the chat box during the presentation and will be answered throughout the class. 10 minutes will be available for a question/answer period at the end.

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Dermot Butterly

About the Presenter

Dermot Butterly aka The Celtic Coach is the creator and facilitator of Club Fearless for Coaches and the Art & Science of Business Building for Coaches. Teaching, training, public speaking and drinking tea are what makes his heart sing.

He completed his coaching certification in 2012, and went on to become a trainer at Erickson Coaching International for five years and developed a business development coaching program for them. Dermot has been teaching and training coaches on how to build prosperous coaching practices since 2015. He is currently working on his first book entitled, “The Irishman's Guide to Being a Professional, Well-Paid Coach.”

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* PLEASE NOTE: We are an affiliate for Dermot Butterly. This is because we believe Dermot shares valuable, directly relevant to coaches expertise. We are only affiliates for a few businesses that we feel truly benefit coaches.

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