12 Ways to Make Your Own Luck Infographic from The Coaching Tools Company

12 Ways to Make Your Own Luck (INFOGRAPHIC)

Reading Time: less than 1 min
There is pure luck, and then there is the luck we CREATE for ourselves - by being clear on what we want, working hard, sticking to it, helping others - and more! So we created this infographic with 12 ways...

Set Your Goals! (Goal-Setting INFOGRAPHIC)

Reading Time: 1 min 15 sec
12 Ideas to Have More Goal Success! January is a great month for goal-setting, so we created this infographic to inspire you - and to share. Want a brandable version of this infographic to use on social...

10 "Rules" to be Happy in Business Graphic!

Reading Time: less than 1 min
This month we're focusing on building our coaching businesses - this updated graphic is for you. Enjoy! What would you add to the list? We'd love for you to comment below! Which of these 10 "Rules" could...
Be An Inspiration To Yourself GRAPHIC

Be an Inspiration to Yourself! (Graphic)

Reading Time: less than 1 min
What could motivate us or our clients more than inspiring ourselves? This month's graphic is inspired by our our Role Model Confidence Boosting Exercise. Enjoy! Want to share JUST the graphic (and not...