ANNOUNCEMENT: Sura Kim is offering her Free Masterclass on Meditation & Coaching to Everyone!

In August we're focusing on Meditation and Mindfulness!

I met Sura Kim a couple of years ago at a social event, and we hit it off right away! In part it's probably because we had one big thing in common - we both left the corporate world behind to become coaches! Not only that, but we both love nature and have a passion for spiritual growth, mindfulness and meditation.

Sura, now a meditation coach and trainer, is offering another round of her meditation coaching training. And so that you can get a taste of what she offers, she's making the recording of her recent masterclass available - free.

Meditation is an incredibly valuable skill that can be learned by absolutely anyone and is a powerful tool for both ourselves and our clients. There's so much in the world constantly demanding our attention - I believe it's never been more important to learn the skills of meditation and mindfulness.

So, if you missed it last time - or if you'd like to see it again:
Register here to watch Sura's free Meditation Masterclass here >> 

Plus you'll also get a free eBook, meditation guide and guided meditation audio & video!

If you'd like to know more about meditation, or are interested in meditation as a tool to use and calm your clients - whether a busy executive or harrassed mom - you'll love this free masterclass!

What is Meditation?

My favourite description of meditation is that of "Learning to make friends with yourself". Meditation is simply the PRACTICE that allows us to become more mindful. It helps us develop a SKILL - that of mindfulness - so we can see what is really going on in our minds! Meditation creates a focused time where we learn to get space from our automatic habits, beliefs, thoughts and reactions to things, and see deeper truths.

My Personal Experience with Meditation:

I've been meditating for almost 15 years now, and it helps me start my day grounded and centered. Meditation also provides me with valuable insights and the opportunity for solutions and ideas to bubble up from my subconscious! When I first began meditating it was to help me manage my anxiety. But over the years, through meditation, I have got to know myself deeply. I have become more aware of my own thoughts, behaviour, needs, wishes, values and so much more. And I have finally left my day-to-day anxiety behind...

Meditation is so much more than just sitting there - it's learning a skill that helps you connect with you. Meditation helps us learn to separate from the automatic thoughts and beliefs that drive us. It allows us to step back and see the bigger picture of who we are, what's really true - and what's possible! Emma-Louise Else

Meditation has also become a valuable tool that I share with my clients and groups - especially through guided meditation which is easy to for me to do, and a super-accessible way to get clients experiencing the benefits of meditation!

Want to know more about meditation, what it is and how to use it in your coaching practice? This is a great class to listen to!

To get access to the Masterclass right away - be sure to confirm your email address!Sura Meditating

Masterclass Registration ALSO includes the free bonuses and tips:

  • Downloadable ebook , "A Beginner's Guide to Meditation"
  • 10 minute Video Guided Meditation AND 10 minute Audio Guided Meditation
  • Plus a Guide which includes an outline on how to guide meditation, meditation coaching questions and a beginner's meditation script!

Register for Sura's free Meditation Masterclass here >>

Learn how to show your clients how to release stress and embrace calm. Start your sessions with a short guided mindfulness practice to increase presence and awareness. Learn how to effectively combine meditation with coaching to cultivate greater focus, insight and clarity for your clients! Sura Kim

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  1. Elizabeth Early Sheehan

    So great that you use meditation for yourself as well in your work as a coach.

    I, too, use guided meditation in each session I have with my clients. My work includes guided imagery in the form of Hypnosis and Coaching = HypnoCoaching.

    Every client loves this approach.
    Thanks for sharing your tip.


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