8+ Easy Ways to Top-up Your ICF CCEUs for 2017!

If you're a certified coach and your credential expires in 2017 - there's a few weeks left this year to top up your CCEUs - Continuing Coach Education Units. Although, the ICF also says that if your credential was due for renewal less than 1 year ago, you may still be eligible to renew by submitting additional CCEUs for each month your credential is lapsed.

PLEASE NOTE: We have included some courses and self-study programs to help you complete your CCEU quota. We are not affiliates of any of these programs, and are not recommending them but providing some thought starters and options for you to consider. These credentials are very important for your livelihoods - so check the facts for yourself regarding what you need to do to claim your CCEUs, how many CCEUs of what kind you actually need - and who is qualified to issue them.

Credential Requirements Update

ICF recently adopted new requirements for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials. Learn about the advantages of an ICF Credential here for more information.

icflogocolorQuick October 2017 ICF Facts (the ICF continues to grow):

  • Currently there are 27,973 ICF members in 138 countries (compared to 27,822 ICF Members this time last year).
  • The total number of ICF credential holders is 23,064 in 121 countries (compared to 20,039 this time in 2016, 17,186 in Nov 2015 and 15,445 in Dec 2014!). The breakdown of the three ICF Credentials follows:

    • 14,039 (ACC)  Associate Certified Coaches     (up from 12,754 this time in 2016, and 10,824 in 2015)
    • 8,194 (PCC)  Professional Certified Coaches    (up from 6,974 this time in 2016, and 5,552 in 2015)
    • 831 (MCC) Master Certified Coaches                (up from 779 this time in 2016, and 710 in 2015)

Building our CCEUs encourages us to deepen our coaching skills and growth as a coach. But sometimes life (and business!) gets away from us. Suddenly it's the end of the year and we need to find a few more CCEUs to get our credential renewed! The ICF website says, "ACC, PCC, and MCC Credentials are valid for the three-year period following the coach's initial approval or latest renewal. Credentials must be renewed by December 31 of the year the credential expires."

people-business-people-meetTypes of Continuing Coach Education (CCE)

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) is divided into two categories:

  1. Core Competencies: Advanced coach training, writing, or research directly related to ICF Core Competencies.
  2. Resource Development: Training, writing, research, or self-study outside of the ICF Core Competencies that contributes to the professional development of a coach. All self-study is currently considered as "Resource Development".

Self-Study Credits: The ICF allows up to 16 "Self-Study" credits towards Resource Development. The ICF gives one CCEU per hour of presentation time - and this makes it easier than ever to top-up your CCEUs.

Click here for a one page reference .pdf with a list of Accepted Sources for Continuing Coach Education.

8+ Easy Ways to Top-up Your CCEUs For 2017

1. By participating in ReciproCoach mentoring and supervision rounds:

Did you know that you can claim 1 CCEU in Core Competencies for every hour of mentor coaching or supervision you receive or give? The ICF explains it here under "II. Other Training".

Participating in mentor coaching and supervision is a wonderfully experiential and transformational way of learning that directly impacts your coaching practice - and the CCEUs are a bonus! And thankfully, with ReciproCoach, both mentor coaching and coaching supervision are very affordable.

Plus, if you're ready to step up a notch and support another coach's development, you can give mentor coaching and claim CCEUs for that too. The only thing more rich in learning than receiving mentor coaching (and supervision), is giving it! Incidentally, ReciproCoach also offers a pathway to become a mentor coach (free).

2. Ben Dooley's Coaching Skills Forum:

You may have read Ben's articles on our blog - he's an amazing, fun MCC (Master Certified Coach) and Mentor Coach. His program "The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching" teleclass helps you discover deep unshakable coaching confidence, power and success.  There is nothing else like it.  This is the course that other coaches are calling "Brilliant", "Amazing", "Fun", "Empowering", "Exceptional", "Entertaining and informational", "Highly recommended" and, "the best investment you make in yourself since your original decision to become a life coach!"

  1. Ben's LIVE Coaching Skills Forum calls count as one CCEU per call in the "Core Competency" category. See Ben's upcoming LIVE calls
  2. Or get access to Ben's archives, and up to 16 "Self-Study" Resource Development hours Get a 6 month membership (for $150).
  3. Also, "The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching" Teleclass offers up to 42 CCEUs and 7 Mentor coaching hours (totals depend on specific attendance and split of CCEUs and Mentor Coaching hours). The most current round started October 3, and there is another round starting in January 2017 (contact ben@bedo.org for January details).

3. Jennifer Britton's Team and Group Coaching Courses:

Jennifer is a regular contributor to our blog and a recognized expert and author on all things Team and Group Coaching! If you're interested in workshops, group coaching, executive coaching or coaching teams - Jennifer's Group Coaching Essentials courses are an excellent way to get some extra CCEUs, and build your group coaching and workshop delivery skills. All training hosted by Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC, the author of Effective Group Coaching (2009), From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (2014) and Effective Virtual Conversations (2017).

  1. Get 8.75 CCEUs with the Group Coaching Essentials™ Teleseminar Program - an interactive, hands-on program dedicated to supporting coaches who wish to develop their own group coaching programs. Delivered as 5 x 75 minute online sessions packed with tips and best practices around designing, marketing and implementing group coaching (public or corporate programs, virtual and in-person) on a weekly or twice-weekly basis. Each week different elements of group coaching approaches will be modelled while you consider what this can look like for your own work. Weekly mini-assignments get you putting ideas onto paper for your own programming. Includes a 15 minute laser 1-1 with Jennifer in between each call.
    i) November/December 2017 - Weekly on Friday from 11.45am - 1 pm ET (November 3, 10, 17, December 1 and 8)
    ii) December 2017 Compressed Program - Mondays and Thursdays from 9am - 10.15am ET (November 30, December 4, 7, 18 and 21)
  2. Get 10 CCEUs (7.5 hours core competencies, 2.5 hours resource/other) with the Advanced Group Coaching Practicum. This includes two hours of a blended learning assignment which you will complete outside of class time. This course is delivered over the phone.
    iii) October/November/December - Fridays 1.15pm - 2.30pm ET: October 27, November 3, 10, 17, Friday December 1 and 8 (6 weeks)

4. Marion Franklin's Mentor Groups:

Marion Franklin is a highly experienced coach - an MCC Master Certified Coach since 2006! In her mentor groups, coaches meet once a week day or evening (1.5 CCEUs each time) to practice in-the-moment coaching and stay for a month at a time. It's a great opportunity to enhance your coaching skills, get CCEUs, interact with other great coaches at a low price point ($125 per month for 6 CCEUs). The sessions can also count toward training hours (ACSTH) if that's needed. There are lots of other options such as the Laser Coaching Program, so take a look around!

5. Fran Fisher's Advanced Level Mentoring and Virtual Coaching Mastery Event:

Fran Fisher, MCC is one of the pioneers of the coaching profession and a founding executive board member of the ICF. She specializes in coaching and mentoring coaches at all levels of experience. Her offerings provide mentoring for your individual and group experience. She shares the insights, best practices, and 'secret sauce' she's gained over the last 25 years of coaching, training, mentoring, providing supervision, and being an ICF assessor for PCC and MCC exams.

  1. Get 5 RD hours with My Portable Mentor - This audio learning series and materials for the busy coach professional: Learn how to take your client into the transformational zone.
    - Regular price: $197.00. EXTRA! Get 50% discount as a friend of the Coaching Tools Company. Use COUPON CODE: CTC (and receive this for $98.50)
    - COUPON CODE Valid to June 30 2018!
  2. Get up to 11.25 CCEUs plus .75 RD hours with the Essence of Mastery Summit 2017.  Experience masterful coaches sharing cutting edge level information and guidance.
    - 8 x 1.5 hour live webinars.
    - Regular price $327. Get 30% discount as friends of The Coaching Tools Company. Use COUPON CODE: eoms2017 (and receive this for $228.90)
    (Interested in the 2018 summit? Email connect@essenceofmasterysummit.com and ask to receive details about the EOM Summit 2018!)
  3. Earn 18 ICF CCEUs with Inspiring Competence - Advanced level mentoring webinar series for a small group of five experienced coaches. Includes 10 x 1.5 hr group sessions and three one-to-one sessions. We will focus in depth for transformational growth for ourselves and for our clients. Who are we being, and how do we gain greater mastery with our skills?
    - $1,500, program starts February 5th 2018.

6. Vicky Jo Varner's Virtual "Can You Spot It?" MBTI-Type Workshops (recognize the 8 cognitive processes):

Vicky Jo Varner is an expert in psychological types known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). "Can You Spot It?" is a virtual, on-demand course and Vicky’s multi-media approach aims to make Jung's model of type understandable and accessible.

 7. At Coachville:

8. Check out your local ICF Chapter and ICF Offerings:

  1. For some extra CCEUs, see what your local ICF Chapter is offering. For example my Vancouver Island Coaches Chapter offers great educational meetings where we get a CCEU or RD (Resource Development) hour for attending. Find your local chapter here >>
  2. RD Hours through a past ICF Event: The ICF website has a section on past conferences and events you can listen to/watch and get Resource Development hours. For example if you missed ICF Advance in 2016, you can get some Resource Development hours by purchasing the conference recordings "On Demand".

Finally, there are many other great coaches and mentor coaches who have been approved by the ICF to offer CCEUs - in-person, Virtual Education and Self-Study. Do your research and have fun!

IMPORTANT: These credentials are important for our livelihoods. Please check the facts for yourself regarding claiming your hours, how many CCEUs of what kind you actually need - and who is qualified to issue them.

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    These are wonderful resources for ICF coaches. I am a CCE Board Certified Coach who also offers CEU courses. Do you have any listings for courses for BCC Coaches? Thank you.

    • Emma-Louise

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