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Ideal for life-coaches, spiritual coaches or any coach who wants to boost confidence, help their clients connect to themselves and/or be more authentic

The tools in this Toolkit are customisable, brandable Microsoft Word documents (.doc). They are delivered instantly, electronically, upon payment. Visit our FAQ for more info.

Help your clients explore and get to know themselves:

  • Start a Gratitude Journal
  • Learn "What Makes Their Heart Sing!"
  • Gain confidence by seeing what they already have within themselves
  • Explore their inner Gremlin
  • Do more of what they LOVE and less of what they LOATHE!
  • Learn what they value MOST about themselves!
  • Connect with their intuition

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NB. All our tools are priced in $CAD.

This Toolpack Contains:

Gratitude Diary Template Image
1. Daily Gratitude Diary Template

Think gratitude journalling might help your clients? Well, this daily gratitude diary template is a self-discovery tool and so MUCH more than just writing a list of what they're grateful for.

Gremlin Coaching Exercise Image
2. Draw Out Your Gremlin Exercise

Help your clients break free of their limiting beliefs and self-judgements with this gremlin coaching exercise! (3 pages). This "Draw Out Your Gremlin" coaching exercise asks your clients to

3. Intuition and Dream Symbol Exercise!

Help your clients tap into their intuition and inner wisdom! This simple and fun coaching exercise is a self-discovery tool that  helps your clients understand themselves more deeply through a personal image or symbol

4. Love and Loathe List Exercise

This self-discovery tool and coaching exercise helps your clients add more of what they love and do less of what they loathe in their life and/or work. Page 2 has powerful questions

Confidence Boosting Coaching Exercise Image
5. Role Model Confidence Boosting Exercise

Inspire your client with confidence with this thoughtful life coaching exercise. This powerful coaching tool helps your client identify specific qualities they personally respect and admire

6. Troll Travels - Who am I? Self-Discovery Exercise!

This is probably my favourite self-discovery coaching tool! Using Trevor the Troll, this powerful coaching exercise helps your clients get really authentic with themselves and figure out

7. What Makes My Heart Sing? Exercise

Many people are looking for happiness in pleasurable activities or material goods without realizing that joy is on their doorstep - and often costs nothing! This deceptively simple coaching exercise

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