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Extraordinary Goal Setting Toolkit! ***Deal of the Month***

This fabulous Goal Setting Tools VALUE Pack is a must for every coach.

The tools in this Toolkit are customisable, brandable Microsoft Word documents (.doc). They are delivered instantly, electronically, upon payment. Visit our FAQ for more info.

We have the goal-setting tools you are looking for to help your clients:

  • Set specific Annual Goals 
  • Brainstorm your client’s vision & goal ideas
  • Set SMART goals including identifying obstacles
  • Create Meaningful Goals that add value to our lives
  • Explore WHY your client wants their goals, gaining maximum commitment
  • Identify a Long Term Vision – and identify what they need to be doing now to achieve that vision
  • *NEW* Now Includes “How to Use” .pdf Guide!

You’ll find it all here. With one updated and two new exercises, these 8 fabulous goal setting tools work together to ensure your clients have committed, purposeful goals! Read our article: Step-by-step Guide on How to Use this Toolkit Here >>

Amazing value! Save over $30.00 (almost 40%!) and get all 8 Goal Setting Tools including our awesome Annual Goal-Setting Workbook in a ready-to-go Toolkit for just $79.65  $59  deal of the month price: $49!

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This Toolpack Contains:

1. 3 Month Vision Worksheet

This simple goal-setting tool helps your clients identify balanced and meaningful short-term goals by considering how they want their lives to be in 3 months time across different life-areas.

Once your client has completed this coaching exercise, it’ll be easy to drive out and set goals for the next 3 months using the notes they’ve made.

This coaching exercise is also great completed after the “Rocking Chair Life Vision” (whole life vision) and “Get Perspective” (10 year vision) coaching exercises to help clients shape 3 month goals that will also fit into the bigger picture they have for their lives.

Annual Goal Setting Worksheet Image
2. Annual Goal Setting Worksheet

This fun 4 page annual goal setting worksheet is fun – and easy to complete. It helps your clients set 3 powerful and meaningful goals for the year ahead. They answer a series of questions in bite-sized chunks box to get clear and focused on what they want from the year ahead. And you can guide them with some extra coaching wisdom. Includes summary sheet to firm up commitment and is great for workshops and seminars too.

It’s a goal setting worksheet in 7 parts:

  1. Your clients brainstorm what they’d like to achieve in the next 1-5 years and pick 5 goals to move forwards with.
  2. They refine their goal ideas by considering how exciting the goal is and what it will do for them.
  3. They pick and set 3 goals for the upcoming year including what outcome they are looking for, when they will achieve it by and how they will know they’ve achieved it.
  4. Help your clients prepare for success including looking at how they might get in their own way and what advice they would give themselves to make sure they achieve their goals!
  5. Get your clients taking action – one action for each goal PLUS one action for tomorrow!
  6. Support and Commitment – who will support your clients – and how. Plus WHO do they need to be to achieve these goals?
  7. Finally, a “Powerful Summary Sheet” for your clients to cut out and stick up to remind them to stay on track. Includes space to put your logo, website and a little about you so you’ll always be visible!

TOP TIP: This goal setting worksheet can be used as it is – as a workshop handout AND as the basis around which you can build an extremely practical and uplifting goal-setting workshop or seminar. The summary sheet makes excellent ‘homework’ for people to take home – and helps them to stay in a coaching frame of mind.

3. Get Perspective Vision Worksheet

When setting goals – it’s important to understand how our shorter term goals fit into the bigger perspective of our lives. This goal setting exercise helps your clients understand their bigger picture and prioritise what they need to start doing now to achieve their 10 year goals.

How does it work? Well, by helping your clients see the bigger picture of what they want over the next 10 years. Then they work back where they want to be from 10, 5, 2 years etc. to now.

This coaching tool fits neatly after the Rocking Chair Life Vision and slips in before the 3 Month Vision as a series of exercises to help your clients set compelling and meaningful goals that fit into a bigger vision of what they want for their lives.

Goal-Setting Tool - Finding Your Motivation
4. Goals Motivator – Find Your Hidden Treasure!

Until we understand WHY we want our goals, it’s difficult for us to go the “extra mile”. AND when we also understand why we want our goals NOW (what I call the “Hidden Treasure”), it helps us get really focused and find more energy to put into our goals.

Why we want our goals is totally unique to us. For some a payrise means self-esteem and validation, for others it may be security, a holiday, a mortgage on that home we’ve been lusting after or to buy that engagement ring and get married.

TOP TIP: This tool is great to use with potential clients – to demonstrate the power of coaching and help them make the decision to sign-up with you! You may also find this article helpful: Get Potential Clients to Choose YOU with this Hidden Treasure Concept!

This Coaching Tool asks the client to take one goal, and looks at why they want it, why now, and how it will help them feel. Then to wrap-up, it asks your clients to reflect on what they will do differently re: their goal after completing this tool.

5. Nail That Goal! (SMART Goal-Setting Template)

Want to help your clients set super-SMART goals? Use this SMART goal-setting template to really get them moving! This goal-setting tool explains and helps your clients to set a SMART goal, pinpoint goal benefits, detect obstacles, identify short term actions and get them inspired by describing what their life will be like once the goal is complete.

Includes questions to ensure goal ecology.

This smart goal-setting template is great for clients who are struggling with a goal and for people who want to – or need to – look at their goals in more detail. Also great to use as to create powerful goals in workshops and fabulous as homework! (2 pages)

6. The Rocking Chair + 2 Other Life Vision Exercises

Most people have a vision for their lives inside them – whether they’re consciously aware of it or not. And we all know that if our clients’ goals align with their vision they’re much more likely to take action AND they’ll find it easier to achieve their goals. These indispensable goal setting resources are great to help clients draw out the vision they have for their lives and give them the context they need to get inspired and move forwards. (3 pages)

This tool has recently been updated and now includes a total of 3 life visioning exercises:

  1. Rocking Chair Life Vision Exercise
  2. Retirement Party Exercise
  3. Newspaper Article Writing Exercise
Goal Brainstorming Coaching Exercise Image
7. Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming! Tool

This powerful goal setting tool and exercise is all about goal brainstorming and picking truly meaningful goals. Everyone knows how important it is to have goals but sometimes our clients have no idea where to start. And sometimes our clients have goals – but their goals are dull, uninspiring or don’t have real meaning and passion for them. (3 pages)

Use this awesome goal brainstorming worksheet to help your clients create EXCITING, MEANINGFUL goals!

  • Page 1 starts with goal brainstorming (identifying potential goals – including the Wacky and the Wild!).
  • Page 2 cleverly combines the goals with The Wheel of Life headings (a balanced life) so each goal is scored according to the value it TRULY adds to their life.*
  • Page 3 identifies up to 10 possible focus areas that could be turned into goals – and asks WHY this goal is important.

The perfect goal brainstorming tool! And great to use in seminars too.

*See how your clients feel as they realise for themselves that “being a good dad” or “eating more healthily” wipes the floor with “having a Ferrari” or getting that pair of Manolo Blahniks. Knockout results!

*BONUS* Coaching Tool!

And we couldn't resist including the relevant coaching tools and templates from our FREE RESOURCES page so you get everything you need together!

Goal Setting Tool - Understanding the Why of Your Goals!
1. (Understanding) The Why of Your Goals

What’s the point of your goals? Because until we understand WHY we want our goals, it’s difficult to go the “extra mile”. Once we understand WHY we want something (and really CONNECT with that reason) we have a lot more energy to put into achieving our goals.

In coaching we usually avoid asking, “Why?” as it can damage rapport and seem judgemental or adversarial. BUT when it comes to goals, we MUST ask “Why?” to help our clients understand what’s driving them and fully commit to their goals – then they’ll do whatever’s necessary to achieve them.

Get this and 7 other great Goal-Setting Tools in our Goal-Setting Toolkit!

This Free Goal-Setting Tool asks the client to pick 3 goals, and then asks them, “Why do you want it?” repeating the question, “What does that give you?” to delve deeper, finally wrapping up with “What will this goal help you feel?”.

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