3 New Ways For You to Use the Wheel of Life in Relationships!

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The "Wheel of Life" may be 'old hat' to many of us, but it's endlessly flexible. Did you know that the categories we use on the Life Balance Wheel can be used to help make decisions on everything from life partners to new careers? And that a Blank Wheel can be used to help evaluate decisions?

So, with Romance in the Air, Here are Three (3) Ways You Can Use The Wheel of Life in the Relationships Arena: 1. Understanding which Qualities in Another Person Most Positively Impact our Lives

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5 Simple Steps to Help Your Clients Identify Toxic Relationships - and Spot the Good Ones!

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Relationships are essential – we're wired to connect and we literally need that connection to survive. So with Valentine's Day coming up, it's the perfect time to sit down with your clients and reflect on, review and appreciate their relationships. Because, as coaches we all know that WHO you spend your time with can significantly impact your life. In fact almost EVERY success book will tell you that if you want to be successful, hang around with like-minded, successful people.

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