3 Types of Successes People Rarely Stop to Recognize

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Ben Renshaw in his mini-book, "The Secrets of Happiness" says that, "On average by the age of eighteen we will have been praised and encouraged 30,000 times - and most of this ... by the time we are three. By contrast we will have been criticised and discouraged over 250,000 times." Well, it's no wonder we're so focused on what goes wrong!

Not only that but for most of us growing up, our parents and teachers focus on our lowest scores, our mistakes and our failures - so that we can 'improve'. And then when we make it into the Read More...

Remember to Celebrate YOU! 3 Quick Questions to Ask Yourself

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Hi everyone! A short and (hopefully) sweet post this week as I know you're busy. I want you to remember to celebrate YOU this December. For many of us it can feel like a treadmill of sending cards, buying & wrapping gifts and parties - so make some time to celebrate YOU.

Like me, you run your own business - and it takes a LOT of time, energy and hard work. You have put your heart and soul into it - helping others to have better, happier lives, careers and businesses.

But it's so easy to focus on what we Read More...

Ask These 7 Coaching Questions to Celebrate Your Clients Achievements!


We're such a goal-oriented culture. People get a thrill from achieving their goals - but are all too quickly straight onto the NEXT thing. As coaches we help people set goals - but part of our job is also to help people take stock and celebrate their achievements. And the crossover into a new year is a great place to help your client pause and celebrate their success - what they've achieved. 

Why is it so important to celebrate success and applaud the hard work we've put in to achieve our goals and dreams? Well, it's inspiring of course! Plus Read More...