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Our Holiday Gift To You, 499 Inspirational Quotes for Coaches!

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Hi there! Emma-Louise here. I'm so excited for our 5th Annual Holiday Reader Thank-You Gift - I think it's my favourite holiday gift so far!

We've added our "499 Inspirational Quotes for Coaches" Ebook to the newsletter sign-up gifts you get when you sign up for "The Launch Pad". If you haven't signed up yet, you might want to sign up here >>

I started The Coaching Tools in 2009 as a way to supplement my income after I followed my dream and moved to a small island off the coast Read More...

How Serious IS Your Client About Their Goals? 5 Quick Tests!


Especially when our clients have BIG goals in mind, it's important to help set them up for success by exploring if they really want their goal - and how committed they are. Also, sometimes with big goals, it's easy to lose our enthusiasm somewhere along the way.

So, whether you have a client just starting out or whether they've just lost their way a little, here are 5 quick tests to explore how serious your client REALLY is about their goals! THE SIMPLE COMMITMENT TEST:  A great place to start is to be totally obvious and ask, "So, how Read More...

New Year, New Look: And Tools NOW just $9.95 each!

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Your New Home Page

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. For your continued support and encouragement, for your feedback and suggestions and for your kind and generous personal emails letting us know how much you love our free coaching tools, articles and products. It really keeps me going.

So, in our two surveys that we did last year - one in May and another in November - you told us:

You thought our pricing was good value - but it could be better. You liked our Value Toolpacks, but would prefer fewer tools at a lower price. As well as our current Read More...

Coaching Questions 101: 10 Powerful Questions to Unblock Your Clients!

Who doesn't love powerful questions? Well if you're at all like me, you'll get excited when you find a great new coaching question to add to your collection.

So, here are 10 (13 actually!) powerful coaching questions to unblock your clients!

What do you NOT want me to ask you? Imagine for a moment that your issue is resolved. How did you get there? So, what do you think you're SECRETLY afraid of, that's getting in the way of ________ ? a. What are you ready to change? b. What are you NOT ready to change YET? What haven’t you Read More...

How to: Add Your Branding to our Coaching Tools & Exercises!

Example showing Header and Footer "pop-up box" and where to add your Company Name

Something that came up a few times in our latest survey was that people wanted to know how to add their branding to our coaching tools. It's easy. And if you already know how to use headers and footers - then it will be even easier. Let's start from the beginning.

If you haven't done this before, or just to be safe, make a copy of the tool you'd like to add your details to and give it a different name - perhaps add 'original' Read More...

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THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank-you to everyone who completed it - we have some awesome responses and are excited to review and plan changes as a result of what you told us!

Hi there lovely blog readers,

We want to know what YOU Think of our Tools & Pricing - and what's missing!

So, if you're interested in Coaching Tools & Exercises - Click here to take our short survey >>


All respondents get a $20 Coupon to buy a Tool (or Value Pack!) of their choice. AND you may want to seize the opportunity to win our Read More...

Coaching Tools 101 - The GROW Model as the ULTIMATE Coaching Tool, Questions and Why it Always Works!

GROW model shown by hands cupping plant

There are many, many different coaching models out there but I still haven't found anything that beats the GROW model for simplicity, effectiveness and results. If you embrace the GROW model - your clients will love you and you'll never lose track in a coaching session again.

So, you probably use the GROW model (or T-GROW) without even realizing it:

T - Topic (Session Topic) G - Goal (Session Goal) R - Reality (Where they are and what's going on for them) O - Options (Ideas and brainstorming - what they COULD do to move forwards) W - Read More...

We want to know how to help you more!

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This survey is now closed. You responded amazingly! Thank-you all for your time - we really appreciate it and once we've reviewed the results - we'll be making changes to help you more!

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We will also summarise  your responses on the blog for you soon so you can see what everyone has been saying.

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