5 Conflict Tips and a Powerful Model to Make Your Conflict Conversations Run More Smoothly!

Conflict Tips - People Show How NOT to do it!

Conflict in life is inevitable, whether it's how much we spend on the kids, what solution is chosen at work or returning an appliance to the store. These conflict tips - and the powerful "Assumption Iceberg" may just help your conflicts run a little more smoothly!

Conflict is a huge and fascinating topic and the Assumption Iceberg is a simple but powerful concept that you may find useful for both yourself and your clients. It comes from "The Joy Of Conflict Resolution: Transforming Victims, Villains And Heroes In The Workplace And At Home" by Gary Harper.

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Book Review - "Difficult Conversations"

"Difficult Conversations - How to discuss what matters most" by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen

In business and life we often avoid difficult conversations like asking for a hard-earned raise, confronting a family member who has been undermining us, giving feedback to a touchy colleague or raising a difficult subject with our partner. Is sweat trickling down your brow just thinking about it?

Conflict is inevitable and yet some people still try to avoid conflict - at all costs! Most of the rest of us keep doing our best but struggle or wish it was easier.

This book