10 Awesome Ways to Use the Fool Archetype to Increase Your Success!


I don’t know about you but I LOVE archetypes and mythology. I reached a point in my spiritual seeking and growth where I lacked context. Where do I fit in? Where am I on life’s path? What’s the point to all this? And then I discovered mythology – and archetypes, symbols and stories.

So, do you embrace YOUR inner Fool? Do your clients? Because modern society can be more than a little stiff – full of rules, expectations and limitations. Not only that, but modern life can be stressful and wearing. Well, the Fool Archetype can help you break through Read More…

Don't Wear Out, Create Some 'You' Time Every Week!

Obligation-Free Me Time shown by woman lying in grass

Do you or your clients have a problem with saying “Yes” (or trouble saying “No”) so you end up feeling totally overwhelmed? Well, until recently I did. I said “Yes” to far too many things (granted, these were things I wanted to do – but there were just so many of them). I squeezed in the time to do them all BUT felt overwhelmed, struggled to relax and found it hard to get to sleep!

Have you heard the saying, “The bow kept forever taut will break”? In Christian tradition, God rested on the 7th day, universities have a Read More…

My Relaxing Planning Ritual: How To Grow Your Business, Stay on Target and Find Inner Peace!

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Business Planning is something we need to do regularly – to review our goals, progress and setting actions that keep us on course. Many of us think business planning is something dreadfully serious and/or tedious – detailed plans, task lists and hard, hard slog. Add in the feeling of overwhelm when we look at everything we ‘need’ to do, the guilt we feel for what we haven’t done – and the pressure to succeed, make money and get new clients. It’s no wonder so many of us avoid planning. And here are some business tips to help you!

It Read More…

Here are 10 Spring Themed Coaching Questions to Help Review and Freshen up our Lives!


While on a walk in the woods this morning, I saw winter’s accumulated garbage and litter everywhere. It looks strangely depressing next to the beautiful purple and orange crocuses and yellow narcissi. Everywhere I look, things are budding and coming into leaf – and the garbage glares accusingly at me.

Garbage and clutter: They’re almost the same thing. In fact, did you know that the word “clutter” is derived from a 15th Century English word – clotter – a variant of clot? The word clot has described collections of dead bodies, cats (presumably stray ones), narrow, crooked, dark and dirty Read More…

Remember to Celebrate YOU! 3 Quick Questions to Ask Yourself

Group of Young People at a Party Sitting on a Couch with Champagne

Hi everyone! A short and (hopefully) sweet post this week as I know you’re busy. I want you to remember to celebrate YOU this December. For many of us it can feel like a treadmill of sending cards, buying & wrapping gifts and parties – so make some time to celebrate YOU.

Like me, you run your own business – and it takes a LOT of time, energy and hard work. You have put your heart and soul into it – helping others to have better, happier lives, careers and businesses.

But it’s so easy to focus on what we Read More…

Achieve More: Why You Need Stillness to be Productive!

Green Tea Field and Mount Fuji

Imagine a glass full of water scooped up from a puddle in a field. It’s muddy and swirling around – rather like our daily lives, full of activity and messiness and life! But if you put that glass of water down and let it sit, it clears itself. STILLNESS allows the dirt to settle to the bottom and the water to clear.

Productivity is more than just DOING.

In fact one VITAL thing that many people forget is that we also need STILLNESS.

To be MOST productive we need a few moments, seconds or minutes, where we PAUSE, allow our Read More…

Are You Doing Too Much? The Perils of Too Much Multitasking

Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of Paper

This article from Master Coach Steve Mitten looks at the perils of the recent phenomenon of multi-tasking. There has been an explosion of online tools and resources that – even while they’re extremely helpful – can also be draining and time-consuming as we try to do everything at once. I found it a really helpful reminder – both for myself and to discuss with clients. Read on…

It would make a pretty good plot for a Sci-Fi thriller. Aliens flood the world with cheap new technology that allows everyone to access unlimited information, stimulation and pleasant distraction. The information Read More…

12 Easy Ideas to Get More Done AND Have Fun Too!


When we talk about Time Management, what we’re really talking about is prioritising and focusing on what’s most important – and eliminating and reducing what isn’t. And when we do THAT, yes, we’re more productive. But being more productive isn’t just about time management, it’s also about knowing yourself, knowing when to keep going – and when to stop…

Try these 12 Ideas to not only get more productive, but enjoy your day more too! HAVE A SPACEHOPPER MOMENT: Did you have a spacehopper as a child? (The bouncy ball with handles in the picture opposite?) Well, if you’re Read More…

How to make it as a coach, in a word: Perseverance | By Guest Author Ellen Ercolini


The secret to making it as a coach is to keep at it. You could call it perseverance, but I like to call it STICK-TO-IT-IVENESS.

And Here are 10 Examples of “Stick-to-it-ive-ness” For You to Try: Coach new people, in new situations, until you find the thing that lights you up on the inside. Then do more of that. Make new friends. Be friendly and helpful online. Go to in person events. Be charming. People want more of people who make them feel good. The more connections you make, the larger your coaching network becomes. Making it as a coach Read More…

7 Easy Ways to Energise and Refocus for Back to Work - in 30 Minutes or Less!


Sometimes we need to refocus and re-energise ourselves – and our businesses. And you’d be surprised how small these changes can be – and still make a big difference. In fact small changes can be really good for us, because they’re different enough to give us a little excitement – and yet completely safe!

So, what will you do to create a shift, re-energise and refocus? Here are 7 easy ways to help you: Refocus and Set Goals for the Last Quarter: Take 30 minutes to think about what would you LOVE to get done by the end of this Read More…