The Coaching Tools Company Celebrates Partnership With International Coaching Federation

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Wow, we're excited to announce a new Business Solutions Partnership With The International Coaching Federation (ICF) , which gives ICF Members Special Discounts On Coaching Tools And Exercises At The Coaching Tools And we looks forward to reaching more coaches than ever before.

When I started selling these coaching tools and exercises five and a half years ago, I had no idea it would grow to be a six-figure business. Now, The Coaching Tools ( is excited to announce we're partnering with the biggest coaching organization in the world, the International Coaching Federation (ICF), offering special discounts to Read More...

15 of The Best FREE Business Building Resources for Coaches on the Web!

Starting Block

Have you noticed how much "Coaches" get marketed to online? Sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed by all the information, fast-paced videos, sales pitches, squeeze pages and frankly a little annoyed too - especially at the impersonal, never-ending stream of people promising to give us the golden answer and save us from our problems - and possibly even ourselves!

Well, recently I did a teleseminar for (a coach search and listing site) and I remember saying that while we get marketed to a LOT as coaches, there is a good side to this. It means there is also LOTS of Read More...

Create a Spring Clean Your Life! Coaching Program or Workshop with our Seasonal Toolkit

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Are you excited? We've just re-launched our Special "Spring Clean Your Life" Coaching Toolkit - ONLY available until the end of April! Check out this fabulous set of tools specially selected to help your clients declutter and freshen up their lives. Read on to find out how to use this Toolkit to get new clients!

Spring is the perfect time to review progress with clients, refocus and get a fresh outlook. If your clients have set annual goals, perhaps they're flagging or need inspiration. And if they haven't set annual goals it's a great time for both new and existing Read More...

10 Easy Steps To Create Your Coaching Tool, Exercise or Seminar Handout!

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A quiet time of year is the perfect opportunity to create a coaching tool, exercise, seminar handout or worksheet. While it may take you a couple of hours to put it together, creating your own tool or worksheet gives your clients and workshop attendees a really personalised coaching experience. A great handout helps  people identify powerful learnings, take action AND give them something to remember YOU by. In short - this worksheet becomes a walking brochure for you that people will want to keep!

So, here are 10 Easy Steps to Create a One Page Coaching Exercise or Seminar Handout: Read More...

15 Types of Coaching Products to Create: Great for Back to School, But Use Any Time!


Why should we care about back to school unless we coach parents or children? Well, we've all been to school and September is forever branded in people's minds - it's a fresh start and a new 'school year'. It's a powerful feeling - the end of summer for those of us in the Northern hemisphere - and a time to refocus, knuckle down and get to work.

Even universities, sports centres and community/adult-learning use September as the start of the year - it's indelibly etched into our brains that September is a beginning - and a time to get learning!


5 Simple Steps to Plan Your Coaching Product or Offering!

We're all so busy - how on earth are we going to find the time to create a new coaching product or offering? Well, have you heard of "The 5 Ps" - Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance? Prior planning doesn't only prevent poor performance, it also makes sure things actually happen - by thinking ahead and being prepared. 

So, if you'd like a little help with planning your coaching offering or product, just follow the 5 Steps below:

STEP 1 - Pondering, Shaping (allow 30 mins to 1 hour over a cup of tea or coffee somewhere nice!)

Think about