How To Use The Cartesian Questions, Plus *New* Tool!


This month we're looking at back-to-school, goals and getting refocused. Now, I have loved "The Cartesian Questions" ever since I first came across them on my NLP Training. What prompted me to write about the Cartesian Questions was a powerful coaching experience I had with them last week...

First, What Are "The Cartesian Questions"? (and why you should care!)

In coaching, the Cartesian Questions Tool is a set of 4 questions that help your clients get new perspectives and understanding of what inspires and blocks them in making a decision - or seeking a particular goal. Use this tool to find Read More...

Use These Questions to Help Your Clients Spot Where They are Blocking Themselves!


Have you ever had a client who keeps (supposedly) committing to action, but never seems to get it done? I know I have. Well, often our clients are blissfully UNaware of how they are sabotaging themselves and getting in their own way. And with your client's permission (ie. assuming they are as curious as you are as to why they're not getting on with something) this powerful questioning process will help uncover where you client is limiting or holding themselves back.

I have used this questioning process or coaching exercise with quite a few of my clients, and although at Read More...

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Coaching Questions 101: 10 Powerful Questions to Unblock Your Clients!

Who doesn't love powerful questions? Well if you're at all like me, you'll get excited when you find a great new coaching question to add to your collection.

So, here are 10 (13 actually!) powerful coaching questions to unblock your clients!

What do you NOT want me to ask you? Imagine for a moment that your issue is resolved. How did you get there? So, what do you think you're SECRETLY afraid of, that's getting in the way of ________ ? a. What are you ready to change? b. What are you NOT ready to change YET? What haven’t you Read More...

How to Coach a Client when they Distort the Facts - A Simple 3 Step Framework

Does your client keep distorting the facts? Do they focus on the negative or ignore the positive? Are they determined to blame others or themselves or keep jumping to conclusions? They may be using a Cognitive Distortion!

To first learn more about what a Cognitive Distortion is, check out our article here.

People come to coaching to learn about themselves, to set goals and create a more meaningful life. When your client uses a Cognitive Distortion, it's a great opportunity to raise your client's awareness, reduce unnecessary mental suffering and open up possibilities for them. 

And when coaching clients around a cognitive distortion,

What are Cognitive Distortions - And What You Need to Know About Them!

Cognitive Distortions are where we focus on particular aspects of an experience (often the 'negative' ones) and ignore or discount other aspects - thereby "distorting" our view of the world.

People are usually unaware of how they distort their experience with the words they use. Cognitive Distortions not only limit our choices, but can lead to unnecessary suffering - and sometimes even make a situation worse when we act on incorrect assumptions.

As a coach, Cognitive Distortions are a great opportunity to raise our client's awareness and challenge their limiting thought processes, allowing us to dig into the limiting beliefs people have about Read More...

New Free Tool! Cognitive Distortions List to use with your Clients!

Announcing our latest free tool - a List of The Top 10 Cognitive Distortions!

What is a Cognitive Distortion? It's where we focus on particular aspects of an experience (often 'negative' ones) and ignore or discount others - thereby distorting our view of the world. This tool highlights the 10 most common distortions that people use, complete with descriptions and examples of how they are used!

Use as a reference in a session or give a copy to your clients to take home!

Want to learn more about what a Cognitive Distortion is? Check out our sister article here.


5 Catch-all Questions To Ask When You Freeze and Can't Think What To Say Next!

Painted self into a corner

It's happened to us all, especially when we're starting out: We freeze in a coaching session and literally can't think what to ask or say next. The great thing in coaching of course is that we don't have to know what to say next - in fact it's often better if we don't...

So, here are 5 catch-all questions to get you moving:

What would be the best question I could ask you now?  (implies there are many questions and asks for the best one) If you secretly knew the way forward from here, what would it be?  Read More...