Celebrate YOUR Achievements! Infographic


We made this Infographic for you (and for ourselves too!). Take 20 minutes of quiet time to give yourself a pat on the back and reflect over the past year before setting goals and moving into 2015!

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12 Leadership Qualities, Using Coaching to Develop Leadership, Tools to Help You!


I've noticed an increase in the requests for Leadership Tools over the last 18 months or so. With a challenging economy for so many businesses, more transparency via social media and the internet (disgruntled customers and employees make their thoughts and experiences public!), and more and more reports that prove leadership qualities are good for the bottom line - organizations want leaders!

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Dive Back Into Work and School With These 5 Key Goal-Setting Elements! | By Guest Author Jennifer Britton

goal-setting represented by Penguins diving into the sea

As the summer draws to a close for those of us in the northern hemisphere, people are gearing up for back to school and work. It's a great time to be working with our clients on goals - and whether you are an individual, team or group coach, goal-setting is a foundational piece of our work with coaching clients. This article explores five key elements of goal-setting.

1. Which Goal-Setting Framework?

Many of us work with our clients around setting SMART Goals, goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant or Resonant and Time-bound. SMART goals allow clients to articulate goals Read More...

3 Types of Successes People Rarely Stop to Recognize

Father and Daughter Flying a Kite

Ben Renshaw in his mini-book, "The Secrets of Happiness" says that, "On average by the age of eighteen we will have been praised and encouraged 30,000 times - and most of this ... by the time we are three. By contrast we will have been criticised and discouraged over 250,000 times." Well, it's no wonder we're so focused on what goes wrong!

Not only that but for most of us growing up, our parents and teachers focus on our lowest scores, our mistakes and our failures - so that we can 'improve'. And then when we make it into the Read More...

Coaching Tools 101: Wrap-up Questions - What to Ask in that Final Session!

wrap-up questions - woman crossing finish line

What do YOU do when it comes time to wrap-up with a client? Do you have a process? What wrap-up questions do you ask? Do you dedicate a session to reviewing what's been learned and achieved during the coaching relationship? How do you set them up for life post-coaching?

Personally, I like to dedicate an entire session to reviewing and solidifying what each client got from their coaching experience. And I like them to get them thinking about their priorities and goals in life going forwards. And although the wrap-up session is different with each client, here's a link to Read More...

Ask These 7 Coaching Questions to Celebrate Your Clients Achievements!


We're such a goal-oriented culture. People get a thrill from achieving their goals - but are all too quickly straight onto the NEXT thing. As coaches we help people set goals - but part of our job is also to help people take stock and celebrate their achievements. And the crossover into a new year is a great place to help your client pause and celebrate their success - what they've achieved. 

Why is it so important to celebrate success and applaud the hard work we've put in to achieve our goals and dreams? Well, it's inspiring of course! Plus Read More...

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A Simple 3 Step Process to Measure Progress Towards ANY Coaching Goal!

We all want happy clients, and for clients to be happy they need to feel like they're making progress. So, how do you measure progress towards goals?

Well, when our clients have tangible goals like a new job or promotion or getting healthier it's easy to see progress like getting job interviews, distance run or weight 'lost'. But if a client's goals are 'to be happier' or 'have more confidence' - how can we measure that? Well, it's easier than you might think.

So, I'll share my Simple 3-Step Process for measuring progress and hope it gives you Read More...

10 Meaningful Areas to Reflect On as the New Year Approaches...

Reflection time is not just important - it's VITAL. It gives us the opportunity to acknowledge our challenges, difficulties - and our successes. It helps us see where we have grown and what directions we would like to take next.

And what better time than the end of December - a quiet time for so many of us. With the new year almost upon us, it's a great opportunity to think about who we value in our lives, where we are on our spiritual or life journey, what we've achieved in the past year and what we'd like to achieve in the upcoming year.

This

My Favourite Workshop Icebreaker!


I started using this icebreaking exercise in my workshops a few years ago - and people always love it. It's very simple - and can easily be adapted for different groups to boost confidence, build teams, identify strengths and much more!

When people already know each other they get an idea of what people MOST value about them and if people don't already know each other, then they get an idea of the positive FIRST IMPRESSION they make on others!

Adapting the Icebreaker:

For the workplace it's good to focus on what skills are valued, or what unique qualities they bring to Read More...