Do You Secretly Procrastinate? Plus Healthy Procrastination in 5 Easy Steps...


Procrastination is not the "black or white" issue I had previously thought; it's not that we are either a "procrastinator" or a "doer" - we can be both. You see, I recently discovered (after 10 years of personal development and coaching) that I was a secret procrastinator. I say secret because I HAD NO IDEA I regularly procrastinated.

Instead I considered myself a "do-er", someone who can be relied upon to do what they say they will. In the last 10 years alone I've moved country, changed careers, built a successful business from scratch, moved again to a small island, built a Read More...

3 Types of Successes People Rarely Stop to Recognize

Father and Daughter Flying a Kite

Ben Renshaw in his mini-book, "The Secrets of Happiness" says that, "On average by the age of eighteen we will have been praised and encouraged 30,000 times - and most of this ... by the time we are three. By contrast we will have been criticised and discouraged over 250,000 times." Well, it's no wonder we're so focused on what goes wrong!

Not only that but for most of us growing up, our parents and teachers focus on our lowest scores, our mistakes and our failures - so that we can 'improve'. And then when we make it into the Read More...

My Very Personal Story: Why Slapping a Smile on Depression, Anxiety does NOT Work


Duncan (my husband) and I at a recent wedding

I'm not sure how to start this, so I'm just going to start. Did you read about the life coaches who committed suicide together?

I read this article with incredible sadness. That someone's pain (we read emotional pain here) is so great that they commit suicide is such a desperate waste of human life. It's tragic. And the fact that these two vibrant young people had a radio program called "The Pursuit of Happiness" means that the media are really enjoying the irony - and it makes front page news.


Another Tool to Handle Rejection, Self-Esteem!


For me, one of the things that makes handling rejection difficult is the seemingly hardwired link between rejection and our sense of self. In other words, when people feel rejected they allow it to negatively affect how they see themselves.

We are brought up to live by other's rules – in the home, at school, at work. We're encouraged to fit in and do as we're told - and that means paying a lot of attention to what others think. We're not encouraged to develop our own beliefs - or a strong sense of self. So, when we get rejected Read More...