Balance & Self-Care Toolkit: Step by Step Guide on How and When to Use These Tools!

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We live in a society that rewards us for achievement, qualifications, status and success. Many people work themselves extremely hard to get there - ignoring what their bodies and minds are telling them. But what's the point of success, a great career - if you're always stressed, overwhelmed, don't see your family and friends (or are grumpy/tired when you do see them)?

This article about our Balance & Self-Care Tools and Toolkit was written in answer to a request for more information on how to use our toolkits more effectively. These articles are also helpful if you're looking for a Read More...

How to Use "The New To-Do List" Task Management System

The New Task Management To Do List COVER

The New To-Do List Task Management System.pdf

Have you noticed that our top priorities - the things that make the biggest difference to us and our businesses - are usually the most challenging tasks? They involve us learning, stretching ourselves outside our comfort zones - and so what happens for many of us is that we avoid or procrastinate over doing them!

So many people want "more time" to grow their businesses but then avoid doing what moves them forwards (myself included here - see my personal revelation about how I procrastinate!). But, if we are willing to get Read More...

12 Leadership Qualities, Using Coaching to Develop Leadership, Tools to Help You!


I've noticed an increase in the requests for Leadership Tools over the last 18 months or so. With a challenging economy for so many businesses, more transparency via social media and the internet (disgruntled customers and employees make their thoughts and experiences public!), and more and more reports that prove leadership qualities are good for the bottom line - organizations want leaders!

But what's interesting is that when I ask what leadership tools people are looking for, or what they want help with - I'm getting a big fat zero. Businesses want leaders, leaders want coaches, and coaches want tools Read More...

Coaching Tools 101: How to Create More Joy in Life with the What Makes My Heart Sing? Exercise

Happiness Coaching Exercise - shown by dog smelling flower

"What Makes My Heart Sing?" is one of my absolute favourite coaching exercises. I have used it with individual clients and in innumerable workshops. It is an incredible tool for awakening and happiness. And it's incredibly simple - and powerful.

Its power lies in the realisation that what makes us happy is usually free - and easy to do. So why aren't we doing these things more often? Why are we so busy chasing material goals?

But I get ahead of myself.

So, how to use this Powerful Coaching Exercise?

1) Using "What Makes My Heart Sing?" One-on-One with a Read More...

My Top 3 Tips to Help People Achieve Goals (especially for exercise) AND Have Fun Doing it!

achieve goals - image of runner celebrating win

Whether it's an exercise goal, yoga, meditation or some other new activity you want to make space for in your life, there are many things that can derail us. Life is so busy - and we always seem to be packing more in. But don't let that stop you - instead make it easier to achieve goals with these tips!

Here are my All-Time Top 3 Fun and Action-Centered Tips to Help Your or Your Clients Achieve Goals: Do it EVERY day. Don't say you'll run/do yoga/meditate once or twice a week - do it DAILY. For less time if Read More...

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549 Powerful Coaching Questions!

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Coaching Tools 101 - The GROW Model as the ULTIMATE Coaching Tool, Questions and Why it Always Works!

GROW model shown by hands cupping plant

There are many, many different coaching models out there but I still haven't found anything that beats the GROW model for simplicity, effectiveness and results. If you embrace the GROW model - your clients will love you and you'll never lose track in a coaching session again.

So, you probably use the GROW model (or T-GROW) without even realizing it:

T - Topic (Session Topic) G - Goal (Session Goal) R - Reality (Where they are and what's going on for them) O - Options (Ideas and brainstorming - what they COULD do to move forwards) W - Read More...

Coaching Tools 101 - 12 Awesome New Ways To Use The Wheel of Life in Your Coaching Practice

Wheel of Life Coaching Tool

Traditional "Wheel of Life" Coaching Tool

The "Wheel of Life" is a powerful coaching tool - and can be used in many different ways! In fact it may just be the best and most flexible coaching tool in our coaching toolbox - and that's why I wrote this longer than usual article chock-full of new ideas of how you can use "The Wheel of Life" in your coaching practices!

As coaches, I think we get so used to seeing "The Wheel of Life" that we switch off. Oh - that old thing - AGAIN! But, while The Wheel of Read More...

The 5 Simplest Coaching Questions to Brainstorm Actions and Move Your Clients Forwards!

Easy Coaching Questions shown by yummy apple Pie

Below are 5 of the simplest coaching questions that are super helpful when brainstorming actions. I find these questions useful in a business context because they are straightforward and immediately practical.

These coaching questions are also particularly helpful at the end of a seminar or workshop to help people take action and cement learning around a new skill or knowledge. And they are also great questions to ask when a client feels stuck, or is struggling with a big or difficult goal.

And what I love about these coaching questions is that they're so easy to remember. Now that Read More...

5 Helpful Questions to Ask When Your Client Says: I'll Try

Coaching Questions for when client says I'll try -  shown by man crossing fingers behind back

Using the word "try" implies a risk of failure. When a client says "I'll try", what they're really saying is they're not fully committed to the action in question.

So, the word "try", like "should", is one of those words that's a clear signal to coaches to ask more questions and dig deeper.

Because there is no such thing as try - they can either choose to do it, or choose not do it!

“Do or do not, there is no try” Yoda (wise teacher from Star Wars movies)

Maybe your client really will try. Or maybe