Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever! Graphic for You to Enjoy & Share


We made this Infographic for you (and for ourselves too!). It follows on from our Celebrate YOUR Achievements! Infographic which looked back over last year - and now we're asking you to look to the year ahead.

Take 30 minutes of quiet time and ask yourself what a full, rich year ahead would look like!

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Your Vision of the Future: Realize Just What IS Possible! | By Guest Author Ben Dooley


I was watching a movie a couple weeks ago that took place in the future - you know with the flying cars and moving sidewalks and all that incredible technology. And I found it so amazing that as viewers we simply go along with it. We don't spend our time watching the movie speculating, "Wait a minute. How can they possibly do this?"

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Goal-Setting Toolkit: Step by Step Guide on How and When To Use These Goal-Setting Tools!

Man Running Reaching Finish Line

This article about our goal-setting tools and toolkit was written in answer to a request for more information on how to use our toolkits more effectively. But these articles are also helpful if you're looking for a coaching process to follow, want to create a Coaching Program or workshop or perhaps simply want some new coaching tool ideas for your toolkit!

In this article we describe each goal-setting tool in the toolkit, its purpose, how and when to use it, give additional tips AND identify which tools work in coaching sessions, as homework, in workshops or teleseminars and group coaching!


30 Business Coaching Tools: What, How and When To Use Them!

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People have been emailing saying things like, "I love your new business coaching tools, but where do I start?" So, I wrote this article to outline the 30 business coaching tools in our Business Coaching Toolkit, including why, when and in what order to use them. This article was written to help you use our Business Coaching Toolkit more effectively, but is also helpful if you're a Business Coach looking for a process to follow, if you want to create a Business Coaching Program or perhaps simply want some new business coaching tool ideas for your toolkit!

The Business Coaching

Coaching Tools 101: Life Vision Exercise Ideas for Visioning and Life Planning!

life vision exercise ideas: woman at sunset with outstretched arms

Coaching Tools and 7 Other Life Vision Exercise Ideas!

I get a lot of questions from coaches who want to help their clients with life planning or life visioning. Often people - and their coaches - are looking for a catch-all tool, workbook, visualisation or some other technique to help their clients. 

The thing is, there are endless life vision exercises and ways to come up with a life plan. Maybe that's why we sometimes feel overwhelmed and need help.

First, let's get clear about why people might want a life vision:

Well, if you don't know what you want

7 More Career Coaching Tools and Ideas for Clients Who Have Absolutely No Idea What They Want!

career coaching tools - child playing rock guitar

This article follows on from 7 Career Coaching Tools and Ideas For Clients Who Have Absolutely No Idea What They Want!

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Career Coaching Tools: When Clients Have Absolutely No Idea What They Want!

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Have a client who wants a new career but has absolutely no idea where to start? Well, that's where Career Coaching Tools and Exercises come in really handy to get them started on their inner journeys. Because when a client truly has no idea - looking within is the only place to start.

Firstly, if you think you're going to have more clients like this, I highly recommend getting yourself the latest edition of, "What Color is Your Parachute" by Richard Bolles - if only so you can recommend it to your clients! It has some great career coaching tools, Read More...

How to use Vision Boards to Get Your Clients Focused and Excited!


The end of a year - or beginning of a new one is a great time for people to get focused on what they want from the year ahead – or even their lives. For me, a Vision Board is a way of teaching our mind to focus on the things that are important to us!

A "Vision Board" can help people:

Clarify who they are, what they want or where they’re going. Get their new year off to a flying start. Tap into their inner wisdom and create some focus for themselves.

What is a Vision Board anyway? A Vision

Give Your Client a HUG - A Huge Unbelievable Goal!

I love HUGs, don't you? I'm talking about Huge Unbelievable Goals - where we inspire ourselves to live a bigger life with a huge goal - the bigger the better!

The wonderful thing about HUGs is that they’re easier to achieve than people think. In fact they're often easier to achieve than your average goal because HUGs are SO exciting  that people willingly go to great lengths to achieve them. And one of the strange things about HUGs is that with focus and a little synchronicity people usually achieve their HUGs much sooner than they expect - and in unexpected ways.

Now a HUG